Opinion: Would You Fight For Love?

You guys have been going steady for a while now. In your heart, you’re 99% sure you’ve met the one. You smile to yourself when you think about her. You catch yourself blushing when you hear his name. Hmmm…this is looking good. It’s feeling even better. Your skies are all sunny and it feels like nothing could go wrong.

Then she shows up.

He pops up from under a rock or something.

It starts as a casual ‘hi, hello, bye”, then the conversations start getting longer. PINs are swapped, pings start flying. Things are getting too cozy. She’s getting too close; and he doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention. He’s sharing too many jokes- and she’s laughing too much for your liking! You never thought he was this funny till she came along. You smell a rat, something’s fishy but trying to act all cool and ‘mature’, you hold back from showing your discomfort with this new friend’s actions.

“Wait, don’t tell me you’re jealous”, he says.

“Ah, ah, he’s just a friend, that’s all, nothing more”, she reassures you, stroking your threatened ego.

Worse still, you do a quick compare-and-contrast in your head and this dude matches you in virtually area- actually trumps you in a few. You’re starting to feel insecure. She’s a real diva, a wicked combination of brains and beauty. You wonder how she’s managed to stay single (if she really is single) and her sudden interest in ‘your’ man. Your fortress is under siege.

If you’ve never found yourself in this situation (lucky you!), you probably know someone who has. Some say “love is worth fighting for”, others feel “if someone’s yours, they’ll always come back”.

My question for you today is: Would you fight (not necessarily physical combat or wait- yes, physical combat inclusive!) to keep a relationship? What would you do to fend off a prospective ‘snatcher’? *lol* Where would you draw the line and how far would you go? Would YOU fight for ‘love’ if it came down to it?

I’d loooove to read your comments on this post.

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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Would You Fight For Love?

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  1. The first trial is to fight for your love, try to win in back, improve yourself in areas you’re lacking, and if there’s no development still, I’ll say one should move on. Basically you cant move on without trying all possible especially for someone you claim to love.


    1. “…can’t move on without trying all possible especially for someone you claim to love”…I think I like that line of thought


  2. I would prefer the term “WORKING to make it WORK” and its a dual responsibility. If only one part is fighting then its a lost battle. More over, “why fight to win a battle and lose the war in the process of winning the battle” SELF DEVELOPMENT is KEY if u ask me.


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