Don’t Cool Off Yet!


Hello friends,

It’s already mid-2014! Waking up to the reality of the new year some 6 months ago, friends and folks celebrated with much excitement at the start of another year.

I sincerely loved the steam of hope raised by the announcement of the new year, the lofty resolutions of the financial mountains everyone vowed to climb; the zero to hero dreams, the migration from nobody to a financial giant and the hopes of being enlisted among the 6-figures earners before 12 months ran out. It was interesting to observe the zeal of timeliness people attached to the fresh start of a new calendar year, the outburst of energy and the dramatic ruggedness on Lagos streets and highways, everyone dashing off like their millions will be raked in on that first working day of the year. How I wish that zeal lasted till December!


Remember, life is a gift bundled in years, packaged by God for us all in different count, to be tasted and accounted for while in move on a journey we complete daily as we gently and slowly approach our end. Years come and go, but our best financial years still lie ahead of us if we maximise every opportunity our existence throw at us. Our bread and waters will be sure if we diligently keep the steam of our hopes insulated from the following:

The Hopelessness Syndrome

People give up the pursuit of their New Year resolutions too soon. Immediately after few disappointments, many pack up their goals and give up the battle in less than two quarters in the year as they continue with their old ways of living depressed.


Unholy contentment

The acceptance of today’s unpalatable condition as a norm and wrongfully placing it on God, camouflaged under contentment is in my opinion UNHOLY. A life either religious or lived recklessly that lacks the drive and pursuit of excellence will make nothing but dominance in POVERTY! Remember the widow who met Elisha, the husband was a prophet yet he died poor and left bills to be paid. The anointing didn’t erase his liabilities. That shows us that speaking in tongues alone or a reckless acceptance of the status quo is no substitute for financial buoyancy.

 Wrong Yardstick

Measuring your achievement against people with sorry profile is an indication of accepting a colourless existence. Remember, anyone who has set a goal which he can easily achieve has defined its own limitation.

No matter how bad the Economist paint a country’s economy, every year, financial giants are born! A Joseph must always emerge out of every Egypt and you are not an exception. 2014 is still half full-or half empty, depends on how you choose to look at it.

Be honest enough to tell yourself the truth- how much progress have you made towards the goals you set out to achieve this year? Celebrate your successes. Recognise your shortcomings. Restrategise, and make up your mind to give it your best shot.

It’s in you!


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