Clear Out!!!

This came in today.

Hi Ikhide,

I’ve got something I need you to help me out with.

Have you ever caught yourself feeling swamped by a thousand and one things that ‘need’ to get done- all at the same time?I know I’ve been there-more times than I’d love to admit.

There’s tons of stuff to do, booksssss to read, people to talk with, ideas to develop and let’s not get into the list of personal/house chores to handle. Oh, did I forget to mention that I live and work in Lagos- the real city that never sleeps? Then there’s the internet; soooo much out there you’re constantly overloaded with information. Toss that into the equation and you’ve got a near-perfect recipe for mental chaos.Sometimes, just thinking about all what has to get done drains out my energy and motivation to even start (yeah I know, pray for me please).

My question is, do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed by having too much to do? How do you clear your head for just long enough to actually get SOMETHING done? What do you do to help you do what you need to do when there’s so much to do? Like how do you really handle it?

I’d appreciate any ideas you share. Thanks Bro.

-Anonymous Friend*


I totally relate with my friend’s dilemma. I’m sure you do too. That’s why (with Anonymous Friend’s blessing of course), I’m putting this out here for anyone who’s got some ideas.

Don’t be shy, we’re here to help each other out so feel free to share your experiences/thoughts/ideas on the subject. If you’ve got some answers, pppllllleeeaaasssee share (like seriously) and if you don’t, still share this on your social network (the buttons are just below) let’s get this sorted out once and for all. Okay then, class starts right now- onto the comments section!

*edited slightly to suit posting requirements


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