Reflections As Grow360 Hits 1 Today!


Like a tiny mustard seed dropped in the earth, Grow360 comes alive tonight. There are no bells and whistles, no ‘grand opening’ ceremony. But our hearts burn with passion and our spirits brim over with confidence, that just as surely as the mustard seed transforms into a giant tree, Grow360 will certainly become a hub for the emergence of visionary, disciplined and excellent young people who proudly represent God’s original intention when He created man. Tonight, this vision is dedicated to the glory of our Lord and for the unleashing of the new generation of God’s choicest young recruits. Flight G360 boarding.

Welcome onboard!

Exactly one year ago, the words above, posted from a friend’s borrowed laptop, announced the birth of  the Grow360 vision to the world.

I’m still amazed that it’s already a year since that calm Saturday night, June 29, 2013. 12 months have come and gone and it’s been quite an experience, some memorable, others forgettable, but all in all, it’s the summary of our experiences and how we’ve responded that have brought us where we are and made us who we are.

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It’s been one year of building new friendships with some incredibly gifted young people who have become family to me. Jadesola Campbell, Adeyemi Onafuye, Koyi Femi, Henry Nwoke Jnr and Theodora Nwocha. I’m so, so grateful to have met you all. Let’s keep going strong together.

It’s been one year of learning and changing; had some blogs that no one read (loll…) and others people actually called to say “thanks for putting that up today!”. Through it all, we remain humble and grateful to everyone who has encouraged, questioned, criticized, advised and prayed for us.

Special thanks to Eze Afor Margaret for being the VERY FIRST person on this planet to like our facebook page (yup, I took note of that! Loll…).May God bless you more.

Kenneth Chuks Rapu: for being the winner of the first ever Grow360 contest. Your witty wisdom stays fresh in my heart.

Evi Ojanero, Efe Ehichioya, Temitayo Ajiboye, Arenyeka Laju, Ruth Obuseh, Eforuoku Covenant, Ogechi Nwobia (check out her awesome blog right here!), Frank Omoikholo, Temitope Ojo, Morakinyo ‘Morakz’ Tunde, Kingsley Rhuada, Lonestar, and many, many others, thanks for enriching this blog with your regular comments and kind words. For all the likes, shares, comments and reblogs, we can’t thank you enough. You keep us coming back!

Moving forward into our second year, we trust God for bigger things, and we promise our 3,000+ followers that the best is yet to come. Stick with us and witness the evolution.

Live by Design. Become the Best You.


10 thoughts on “Reflections As Grow360 Hits 1 Today!

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  1. I have never got an iota of doubt for a resounding success in anything you are determined to do, because you are a product of discipline and determination which are one of the two ingredients of SUCCESS. So, when I heard and saw GROW360 (A concept from u), I knew it was going to be a huge excellence. new the coast is clear about it. Keep firing on a high velocity to claim your diamonds on this idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Morakz…your words inspire. All the glory to God because He remains the source of our fire…as He burns in us, we’ll keep firing to greater heights.


  2. wow!
    so good to be here once more, been quite a long time.
    more grace (exceeding grace) to Grow360. i’m honoured.
    Mr. Ikhide, u r a blessing, a divine asset to our generation.

    Liked by 1 person

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