…And We’re Back! (Lessons From 77 Days of ‘Bloglessness’)

Hey Guys,

Wow! That’s the first word I can say right now. Oh my. It feels so so sooooo gooooood to be back in the blogosphere! Who’d have imagined that it’d take all of 77 days to return from  a ‘Short Break’? Believe me, you have no idea how excited I am right this moment. Wow.

So how’ve you been? How’s life going with you? I’ve missed you. Trust you’ve had some great victories and testimonies in your life. Well, we’ve had some pretty good proverbial waters go under the proverbial bridge for us too. In all, we stand grateful to God.

Okay. So Grow360 is back with a bang and we’re set to keep it fresh, engaging and exciting as we celebrate the emergence of the very best version of you.  During my involuntary blogging exile, I had the opportunity to learn and relearn a few things; had some time to think things through, gain new perspectives to certain life issues and generally come come out better than I was 77 days ago. What started out looking bad ended up being very good. So as my way of  saying Welcome, here are a few thoughts on lessons (re)learned during my time away.

1. God ALWAYS has a plan. Trust Him.

Now that may sound pretty obvious to you, but have you tried to wrap your head around what that means in everyday life? See, it’s kinda easy to trust when you know exactly what’s up ahead. But when your future seems so hazy and try as you may, you can not see what’s coming (if indeed it is coming), that’s when trust gets tested. During this time,  I’ve come to learn that while He may not always show us all His plans, He ALWAYS has one- and you know what? Those plans are way, way better than anything we can cook up for ourselves.

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome

Jeremiah 29:11 (The Amplified Bible)

2. There’s a better way. Ask Him.

You know how in the face of stubborn challenges we claim to have done everything? Uhmm. ..that’s probably the most self-encouraging lie (if there’s anything like that) that we tell ourselves. True, you’ve probably done all you know, but EVERYTHING? Me thinks not.

At the tail end of our ‘awesome’ ideas and personal efforts, God sits still, not because He doesn’t care, oh no. But because sometimes, the only way He gets our attention is when we’ve run out of all other options. I wish I can explain why we do that, why we choose to ram our heads into life’s brick walls before we turn to Him, but it just happens. 77 days taught me (again!) the wisdom of avoiding the brick walls altogether.  How? By simply going to the Grand Architect of life to get the blueprint showing the location of the doors. Tired of trying everything and just want to do the right thing and get it right? Ask Him. [More on this in subsequent blogs]

Oh, that YOU had hearkened to My commandments! Then your peace would have been like a flowing river. ..

Isaiah 48:18 (The Amplified Bible)

3. Times and Seasons are Powerful. Align with them.

Do you wish to live a life of EXTREME clarity (think HD+3D) and confidence? Then you need this. Technology has programmed us to expect everything to happen at the click of a button, but the truth is, most of our lives’ more important issues are still subject to the law of times and seasons. Listen friend, here’s a profound insight for you. Ready?


Read that again to yourself. Slowly please. It does NOT mean you’re unserious, clueless or lazy. Sometimes, it’s the Law of Process at work. We can’t rush everything. We can’t speed it all up. Sometimes we have to understand the present season in our lives , accept it and do what’s required at that time, rather than expend our time and energy wishing prematurely to step into the next phase. 

I was one of those who believed that “waiting is not a strategy”. Now I know better. Being action-oriented has its downside too. Be fast, be decisive, but never try to break the law of times and seasons- it’ll come back to bite you somewhere really painful (ouch!).

Let’s pause here today. You probably know these things already. That’s exactly the point- sometimes our biggest lessons are revision courses in what we already [think we] know. Once again, we’re delighted to be with you.

Ah yes. In closing, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who showed concern and support during our time away. Friends, co-bloggers and most of all, our esteemed readers who kept urging us to return. Thank you so much for all the love. You guys are the best.

So in closing this closing, allow me to invite Mr. Job as he concludes today’s blog. Over to you Job.

*In Job’s old baritone*

For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again…though the root thereof wax old in the earth…yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant

Job 14:7-9

*sniffs* Do you smell that? Rain.

Live by Design.

BBM: 514C3DD7




4 thoughts on “…And We’re Back! (Lessons From 77 Days of ‘Bloglessness’)

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  1. @Last.

    I was begining to wonder when we were gonna be taken on an enlightening and enriching trip again.
    Like you said bro…


    Am glad our wait is over, Another mind-blowing masterpiece. Welcome bro


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