environmental sanitation

Let’s start with some definitions, shall we?


From the Dictionary

environmental (adjective): relating to the environment.

sanitation/sanitize (noun/verb): the systems for taking waste products away from buildings in order to protect people’s health/ to make something completely clean and free from bacteria.


From the Government

A day in each month when all citizens are required to come out and thoroughly clean up their surroundings, gather the debris and evacuate same to a designated collection point for onward evacuation by the appropriate local authorities.

From the Streets

A day, usually the last saturday in each month where citizens are agitated because they are stuck at home almost all morning by an annoying law, roads become football fields for youths and people generally sleep longer than usual.


Why on earth should people be compelled to stay at home one weekend a month to clean up their surroundings? Why the unwarranted house arrest? Can’t they just do that by themselves already? Is there really a need for a law for this?

These are some of the thoughts running through my head this morning. It’s that day again- the last Saturday of the month and in most parts of my country, it’s the day officially set aside by the government for residents to tidy up their environment- trim weeds, clear drainage channels and generally tidy up the place. Few observe this monthly ritual religiously;  most wouldn’t mind if it were completely abolished.

But why make it compulsory? Do people really need a law to clean their environment? I’m just thinking.

But that’s NOT the main idea today. I’m thinking of something else.

Imagine what it’d be like to have an environMENTAL sanitation day. That’s right; a day when everyone would be required by law to clean up their minds from all the negativity that has been stored up.

Imagine a day to trim down our worries,  to drain out our fears, to cut off our doubts and sweep off the debris of excuses and unpleasant memories that have kept us in mental prisons, going around in circles of daily activity with no definite progress.

Imagine if there was a way to enforce compliance on such days. Crazy? But just picture a technology of some sorts that could actually monitor who observed the environMENTAL sanitation and fish out defaulters. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Or would you likely be a defaulter also (loll…)?

Wishful thinking? The plot for a Sci Fi movie? Maybe.

Thankfully, we don’t need any law from any government to take care of our minds. We don’t need the restricted movement. And we don’t need just a day in a month. We can do this everyday.

So as you clean up your environment today (even if that means just your room and closet!), why not take out some time to also do some environMENTAL sanitation?

What are those limiting beliefs and assumptions that you have bought into?

What are those excuses (or ‘reasons’) stopping your evolution towards God’s best for you?

Why aren’t you where you should be at this time in your life?

Examine your answers to that question.

Are they really valid?

Could you, in all honesty present those to God as your explanation for falling short of His best for you?

Wouldn’t this be a good time for some environMENTAL sanitation? You’re here. Your mind is here. Why wait any longer? Seriously, what have you got to lose?

Have a happy weekend!

Live By Design. Become the Best You.

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