Ever had a thought so strange to you you asked yourself “where did that come from?”? Had one of those a few minutes past six yesterday evening. Bent over a collection of freshly laundered items, it hit me. And I thought to share it with you.

It’s the first weekend in 2015. The atmosphere is still brimming with excitement, albeit in subdued portions. The party is over. I guess every one is getting back to ‘normal’ life. Hmmm…normal life.

If you’re like most people I know, at least some part of the last few weeks and days in 2014 were spent in reflections, reviews and repositioning for the coming (now arrived) year. You probably tracked back on goals set, lessons learned and nuggets of wisdom acquired in the last twelve months. Then some new goals were drawn up for the new journey.

But this flashed into my heart:

Race 2015: On Your Marks....
Race 2015: On Your Marks….


What if I approached everyday in 2015 with the same level of thoughtfulness I put into those last few days of the outgone year?

What if that much ‘seriousness’ went into each day? How would my 2015 turn out? Flip that, how would YOURS unfold?

“That’d be awesome”, I thought, “but incredibly hard to pull off”. As a firm believer in setting goals out of reach but never out of sight, going through three sixty-five days with that level of intensity does not seem practical. Attempting that would probably burn me out by the end of Q1  (that’s just me anyways, you probably could handle that level of intensity all year long) so I decided to shave off the weekends, saturdays and sundays for some ‘breathing space’. And that’s how I ended up with that number: two hundred and sixty.

Days in a 2015 = 365

Weekends (saturdays + sundays) = 104 (approx.)

Days left = 260 (to the nearest tens….recall basic arithmetic? Loll…)

N.B: The ‘free’ days aren’t compulsorily weekends;  just that number of days. For example, I chose 104 days; those days could be any day of the week.

Imagine that. Two sixty days approached with a very clear sense of business and urgency. How would that affect YOUR life? Can you imagine the transformation?! I’m excited about this for two reasons.

One, it feels doable. Sure it’d have sounded really inspiring to say approach EVERY DAY with that intensity. But who am I kidding? I know myself. I have those ‘interesting days’ (think Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song chorus). 365? Yeah right. 260? I’ll give this a shot. You don’t want to raise the bar so high you find it hard to start.

Two, if I’d be very straight with myself, I don’t think I started that many days last year with this mindset. To get what you’ve never had, you do what you’ve never done, right?

This is by no means a formula and neither am I suggesting you do this exactly as I’ve said, but I hope you take this and let it inspire you to consciously face more days in 2015 with as much sense of duty as you did just before January 1. Spin it the way you feel it’d work for you based on your insider knowledge about your life, your goals and peculiar circumstances. Just do something positively different. That’s all I’m hoping for.

So there you have it. At first glance,  it may seem like just another goody-goody thought with no use in the harsh, real world. But take a look around you (yeah that’s right, take your eyes off this page and look around).

What exactly didn’t start as a thought?


Live by Design. 

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Photo Credit: http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image


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