Monday Morning Thoughts

07:01am, Heading to the office.

“The worst of all is sunday night! You’ll just be thinking “tomorrow na work o!””. That was my colleague’s opinion as we packed up for the weekend last friday. Fridays are beautiful.

As the car speeds towards the office, his words come calling again.

For many workers, the mantra “thank God it’s friday, oh Lord it’s monday” rings true. But should it be that way? Is it as bad as we paint it? 

I recall bemoaning my lack of personal time due to job commitments to a friend who was job hunting at the time. He smiled and simply quipped, “I wish I was as busy as you”. That humbled me.

Work is a blessing.

The capacity to be productive is a privilege to be treasured.

Be thankful that you have the physical and mental strength to work. It may not necessarily be in paid employment or a profit-making business. But beyond the size of a paycheque, the fact that you wake up in the morning to deploy your energies towards meaningful activities is worth being grateful for.

And just in case you’re out of work (not by choice) at the moment, it is my prayer that you’ll come out of that season soon with a testimony.

Expect great things this week!

Live By Design. 

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