Bible Apps- Do They Really Help?

Technology has invaded every aspect of our lives and there’s almost nothing we can do about it. Today, there’s an app for almost everything and this has forever changed the ways we work, play, study, communicate, do business and everything else – including our spiritual lives.

In August 2013, the Bible app by YouVersion made history by reaching 100 million downloads. Take a quick dash to any app store and you’ll find several bible applications, each promising a better bible study experience.
But do these really work?

On the surface,  it seems logical that having your bible with you 24/7, tucked away on your mobile device would help you study God’s word more. It sounds very reasonable – with my bible-on-the-go, I should check up on it more frequently even with today’s busy lifestyle.

That has not been true for me. I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it hard to focus on the bible when reading from a mobile device. With so many other cool applications just a swipe or tap away, it’s a struggle sticking with it.

So I quit.

Presently, I rarely try to study with digital bibles. I just pull out my thick hard copy with its smooth, light brown pages and dive in.  Maybe it’s just me but there’s something different reading from a hard copy compared with the digital versions. Its errmm… different.
More so, I love to take notes on the margins and underline portions that resonate in some deep way with me and a bible app just doesn’t come close in satisfying this craving.

But I’m just one person. I’d love to hear from you. Has the advent of digital bibles helped or hindered your personal bible study habits? Which do you prefer – the apps or the hard copy? What works for you when it comes to bible study habits and practices?
Share your opinion. Speak your mind. Tell your story. I’m dying (figuratively of course) to hear your views.
Let’s get talking.

Live by Design. 

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2 thoughts on “Bible Apps- Do They Really Help?

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  1. I read both….I have no problem reading from my device.
    And I do love the Bible App by You version. Presently on a blble plan by Tyndale and I’m enjoying it.
    I also love to make comments on my bible but I can also make notes on verses in the bible app.

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