5 Lessons From ‘Share A Coke With Someone’ Campaign

Have you found your name yet? This striking act of marketing genius from Coca-Cola holds some awesome lessons for us.
Courtesy: http://www.victorypath.wordpress.com

Victory Odunjo's Blog

Have you found your name yet? I’m asking you, yes you. Did you find your name printed on a bottle of Coke? Oh well.. I haven’t found my name yet, or maybe it’s because I have not searched hard enough. The Coke craze is on, and its unbelievable. People are going from sane to insane to just find their names on bottles of Coke. Many shop attendants have given up on the Coke section. It would have been easier if one could search Google for which store has their names on Coke bottles.

In case if you don’t know what it’s about, on probably every bottle of Coke you buy today, you’ll find a name written on it. In many shopping malls today, people are on serious searches to find their names on a bottle of Coke. For some it is fun, and for others, it is personal. Like this…

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