Short Story: Bad Timing (Temptations Of A Young Man)

Jamin revved the engine one last time, flicked off the headlamps and turned off the ignition. His head hung backwards on the soft headrest and his thoughts floated away for a few seconds. Pulses of pain shot through his temple at rhythmic intervals. The image in the driver’s mirror told the whole story. It had been a very stressful week.

“Well, TGIF”, he heaved as he reached for his blazer strewn lazily on the front passenger seat. It would be a long weekend indoors. Jamin needed time to recharge emotionally. He was spent.

The car keys landed a bit too hard on the glass table but he didn’t care. He sunk into the soft cushion and dozed off.

Twenty minutes later, the heat woke him up. His eyes saw only darkness. Temporarily disoriented, he searched for light and found a speck of brightness squeezing in through the blinds.

“These NEPA people! What do we even enjoy in this country?” He murmured as the small, soundproof generator set sputtered to life. The fifteen minutes nap helped his mood a little but he still felt grouchy.

He stepped out of the bathroom in boxer shorts and wandered to the kitchen. The pack of fried rice and chicken he’d bought on the way home spun slowly in the microwave oven. It tasted far less than its price.

“Expensive rubbish”

He was restless, feeling stressed and lonely. The house was just too quiet.

Maybe facebook might help.

He reached for his sleek Samsung tab S and swiped in the inverted ‘Z’ lock pattern.

The feeds didn’t look any different.

Stupid political stories, cheesy status updates, unwanted invites and a few bad jokes.

Several page updates- all with no real meaning to the mind of a tired young man in desperate need of some comfort.

Except one.


Why do people upload these silly videos? He bent over to see the picture clearly. It looked like two scantily clad chics in a compromising position. Jamin swallowed softly.

Let’s just see what these silly girls are up to. It looked enticing and exciting – exactly what the doctor ordered for his present state of mind.

The link opened in a new tab. The blue loop revolved for what seemed like eternity as the page loaded.

“No. Close that tab”, a gentle  voice whispered in his heart.

Jamin pretended not to hear. The first few seconds were already streaming. The 3G internet connection was fast.

Leave this page. You don’t need this.

His hands felt weak and his eyes were pinned to the video.

He hurriedly reached to the side of the tablet to drop the volume as the sound of females moaning grew louder.

Wait. What was he hiding? He lived alone.

He felt his heart rate increase slightly and a bulge grew in his boxer shorts. Jamin was hooked.

The video ended too quickly.

“Stop this. You CAN still stop this right now”, the voice within was firm.

But his aroused appetite was screaming for deep satisfaction and nothing else mattered at that moment.

A gallery of similar videos filled the screen. Jamin scanned through the captions and quickly settled for one that sounded interesting. This was longer than the previous and more explicit. His right hand slid down his shorts.

Without thinking, Jamin had spent an hour online. The headache was gone- so was the voice within.

“Just one more”, he muttered to himself.

Jamin thought he’d seen it all in the last hour but he was wrong. For some wierd reason, one of them looked like his ex-girlfriend, Stella.

His eyes ran through every bodily detail – every bit of skin, every curve. Memories of escapades with Stella flooded his mind. He took a deep breath as he replayed the steamy sessions they shared.

He thought about her soft lips, her soft skin – her soft everything. Stella was amazing.

His mind drifted to their kitchen episode three years ago.

He recalled tiptoeing behind her in the seductive bum shorts and slipping his hands underneath her shirt. She didn’t resist him. She purred and  turned around to face him, her eyes looking like an animal ready to feed.

Dinner preparation suspended for the night – something else was on the menu and their appetites were huge. Such was life with Stella – steamy, sexy and very sinful.

Brrrrr. ….brrrrr. ..


Jamin snapped back to the present. He picked up the vibrating phone. It was just a number. Who could be calling at almost 10 pm? He tapped the phone screen.


Hello Jay

Please who is this? I don’t think I have your number 

Oh it’s me, David. This is my secret line

“David, how far na? Good evening my Oga”, Jamin touched his forehead, his eyes shut. Why didn’t he recognise the voice at first?

I dey o. Just checking. You’ll teach that Micah Stampley’s song in rehearsals tomorrow, right?

Which one? Why couldn’t he recall the song? His hand ran over his hair.

“Holiness” na, by Micah. I’m done with the keyboard score as you commanded.

Both guys chuckled at “commanded”. David was a humble, playful guy.

Sure. I’ll just perfect it tonight.

“I trust you. Good night Mr. Music Director. Ehen. Please prepare to anchor the song also. I don’t want any drama; you know there are some very high notes and I need a strong voice on it. You’re the man for the job. Bye.”  David ended the call before he could object.

Jamin stole a glance at his tablet’s screen. The paused video showed two women and a man, completely nude.

“Goodnight Bro.” He meant to tell David but the conversation was over.

“Yeah. Mr. Music Director, if only they could see who you really are”, another voice accused from within. Jamin was speechless.

He glanced at the screen a second time and thought about the next day’s rehearsals and the lyrics of the song.

Holiness, Holiness

is what I long for

Holiness is what I need

Holiness is what you want

for me

The timing couldn’t have been worse…

Live by Design. 

BBM : 514C3DD7 



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