Sunday Thoughts #3 (Prayer For Our Persecuted Brothers & Sisters)

It’s another calm sunday morning.

As I make my way to church today, my heart turns towards a subject I shamefully admit to not considering more frequently. Every now and then, it slides in, fills my heart, then slips out. This must not be.

In all likelihood, you’ll listen to a sermon today that focuses on you – how to get your needs met by applying the principles in God’s word. That in itself is not bad at all. Truth be told, you may have some problems in your life now and could really use a good dose of wisdom in finding your way out. I understand that.

My fear though is that with these teachings focused so much on us and our needs, it’s easy to become selfish and oblivious to the plight of others who share the same faith, the same belief in Jesus and are going through hell for it.

It’s easy not to think about 15-year old Nanchak Kadarko who was macheted by attackers as he ran to his pastor’s house for safety when his village was attacked.

We may struggle to connect with Celina Kumchak who permanently lost a part of her tongue and her 8-year-old son, who she looks forward to seeing again in heaven due to persecution because of her faith in the Lord Jesus.

How about Nvou Dauda, a lady with a beautiful smile. She’ll live with fire scars for life and never know what it would feel like to hold her baby who died while just 7 months old in her womb due to a gunshot wound to her stomach.

These are not just names. These are not just statistics. They are real-time, real-life people like you and I. Every day, a believer somewhere is killed or permanently disfigured for refusing to renounce Jesus Christ.

We must not forget them.

Like me, you’ve probably never faced a life and death situation because of your faith. We may not fully grasp what our persecuted brothers and sisters all over the world are going through every day, but we can lift them up in prayers; that the Lord will give them the strength to stand strong and that he will bring deliverance to His people.

May I ask you to do something at this moment. Immediately after reading this, bow your head and sincerely, like you’re praying for a dying loved one, desperately lift up persecuted believers all over the world in prayers to God. Pray for strength and pray for deliverance.

We may never meet these people, but we share a common root. We all belong to the household of God. They are our family – may we never forget that. Take a moment to pray for persecuted believers today.

Thank you for stopping by today. Have a beautiful sunday.

Real life stories shared are from CBN AFRICA


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts #3 (Prayer For Our Persecuted Brothers & Sisters)

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    1. Yeah…and we that are blessed with the freedom to worship in safety must never take it for granted. Hope you prayed for our persecuted brothers and sisters today.

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