Diary Of A Busy Youth…

Diary Entry.

It’s 5:49am as I write this.

And that means only one thing – this morning will go just like the five others before it – a hurried preparation to leave for work without so much as a decent prayer time let alone word study. Another frantic day? Oh please, not again.

As soon as my eyelids parted and I whispered “thank you Lord for another day“, a hundred thoughts raced in like a pack of ravenous wolves.

Ah…The deadline for that report has passed!

There’s a presentation that has to be ready – yesterday!

You need to text xyz to remind him of abc – do it now before you forget again!

Every item is screaming for attention. Every agenda calls for recognition. Each one taunts its importance – ignore me and your life loses something. I’m valuable. I’m important. I’m legitimate. You need me. Attend to me – now!

My knees hit the floor in prayer and just when it’s getting good, I remember the maddd (the triple ‘d’ is no typo) traffic awaiting at Egbeda, Iyana-Ipaja and Ikeja.


You know Lagosians – they don’t sleep! If I don’t leave now, I’d be lucky to get to the office at 9:00 am. And what will be my excuse?

Oh pardon my lateness, I was having such an awesome time with the Lord during my devotion and just couldn’t stop.

Yeah right.

Sorry God, can we pick this up some other time?

You see my heart…you know I really want to do this….you know I get home very late…you know I sleep later…you know the night is so short it’s like a blink…you know I can’t stay too long here else…you know…you know…you know…


They sound so legit. You could almost sympathise with them – so acceptable. Hyper-convenient. And quite logical too.

But in all sincerity, can I go on like this? Would I have enough strength to work if I’d not eaten in five days? Why then do I think I’ll have the strength required to function as a believer without any dedicated, personal word intake in almost a week?

How is that even possible?

Can I really rep the light without basking in it for so long?  Wouldn’t it all be fake? Wouldn’t it just be going through the motions? Wouldn’t it all be just surface activity? Wouldn’t it be expending effort on matters with no eternal relevance? Wouldn’t it be a prime waste of precious life?

Tell me, O thou whom my soul loves, where you feed, where you make your flock to rest at noon…

Songs of Solomon 1:7

Tell me again. Oh pardon my forgetful mind and show me again, show me where you feed your starving sheep. This one’s on the verge!

Teach me again, teach me the practice of quietness, of solitude. Let’s go back to the place of separation. Let me hear again the lessons and deep things found only in the stillness of the secret place. Burn a new hunger into my soul. Set me on new fire! I don’t want to excuse myself into dryness and ineffective living.

This is my desire. This will I seek after.


Inspired by Tye Tribett’s song, Chasing After You (click here to download)

Live by Design. 

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4 thoughts on “Diary Of A Busy Youth…

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    1. His grace is able and available.

      But connect with His wisdom to know how you’ll PRACTICALLY fix this in your life. Remember, grace is only as good as it’s use.


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