Commanding Respect As A Youth #3


How are you today? Hope your week has been good so far. I’m deeply sorry this post is coming a few days late. Life happened. Thanks for your mercy. Alright then, now that we’re best friends again, let’s make some progress.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve considered two very important attitudes/traits that ensure you command the full extent of respect you deserve as a young person without having to act like a spoilt kid, throwing tantrums and resorting to rebellious behaviour and deviant vices just to prove a point. Just in case you missed those, here they are (go ahead – catch up, we’ll wait for you).

Commanding Respect As A Youth #1

Commanding Respect As A Youth #2 

Today, our focus is on another very important piece of the respect puzzle. How do you command respect?

Command Respect By Competence

It’s great to be humble and courage can be so inspiring, but without competence, you’re going nowhere.

It takes knowing your stuff to compel attention and regard. You may have observed this as well – when you’re really good at what you do, people forget about your age. They don’t care if you’re a pimple-faced teenager or an alien from Mars. Can they deliver? Does he/she know what they’re doing? Those are the questions asked. Let’s return to David, our case study in this series.

Imagine if David, after ‘bragging’ that he’d slice off Goliath’s head, squared up against the giant and began to fumble around with his sling and stones, struggling to get it to work. A 17-year-old boy would have sent an entire nation straight into slavery – probably for hundreds of years! Just like that.

This is why it’s so important to make personal competence your personal culture.

Humility will bring you before great opportunities

Courage will elect you as the one to take the shot

But only competence will guarantee that you actually deliver.

When it comes down to it, can you be trusted to deliver the results required? Our generation is flooded with heavy talkers – we can talk our way to almost any level. But most times, that’s where it ends – talk. And while the ability to speak with precision and power is non-negotiable, it’s just a part of the equation.

He chose David also his servant, and took him from the sheepfolds:

From following the ewes great with young he brought him to feed Jacob his people…

So he fed them according to THE INTEGRITY OF HIS HEART; and guided them by THE SKILLFULNESS OF HIS HANDS

Psalm 78:70-72 (KJV)


Did you notice the progression in competence? From feeding sheep, he graduated to feeding a nation; not just because he had a good heart, but he also possessed skillful hands. His heart was right and his hands were on point. Little wonder he commanded such deep respect.

A good heart with weak hands will at best produce a likable failure. People will like you because you’re kind, humble considerate and courteous, but when high performance tasks come up, you know, the kind that takes you to another level, they will not trust you to deliver. They cannot trust you. And you have no right to complain about being treated unfairly.

Competence is not about what you SAY or THINK you can do. It’s about what you can actually DO.

You’ve probably seen this before. A young job seeker loads up his CV with impressive qualifications and skills set. The prospective employer is excited because he thinks he’s recruiting the next shining star. Three months in and the disappointment can no longer be hidden – the shinning star is falling short of expectations. He cannot deliver because he doesn’t posses the level of competence he claimed. What follows? Loss of respect, demotion and if things get so bad, termination.

So you want to command respect? Make personal competence your personal culture. Stay mentally and physically engaged in building proficiency in your field. Aim for mastery. Those who command respect are life-long learners. Join this class today.

Point to Remember:

1. A good heart with weak hands will at best produce  a likable failure.

2. Make personal competence your personal culture. 

Live by Design. 

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