If I Have All These, Why Do I Still Need Your Jesus?

Today’s blog was inspired by a post I found on Facebook yesterday. Here’s the screenshot:

This really got me thinking
This really got me thinking


Although the author spoke specifically about my country, I think the broader message applies across international borders.

You know, I think it’s a very real indictment against how we talk about the gospel today. It seems like the only benefits available to anyone who chooses to believe in Jesus stop at just having a better life here on earth. It seems to be all about getting our needs fixed. And I found myself thinking, if someone walked up to me and said

Hi, my name is Dave. I’m 29, a highly successful entrepreneur living in a plush mansion with a beautiful, equally successful wife who I’m madly in love with and a baby on the way. We’re blessed with pristine health, an adorable, close-knit extended family and a bunch of really great friends. We genuinely love people and do our best to support noble causes as they come to our notice. Things couldn’t have been better and we’re not in any form of need. Life’s just perfect with us.

So tell me why I still need Jesus.

If someone asked that, with the way the gospel is preached today, there’d be very little left to say. The ‘selling points’ would be all but gone! I bet we’d find it hopelessly hollow for someone who’s got all their obvious material/financial/emotional needs perfectly catered to already.

I believe marketing our faith on the basis of material gain just won’t work – because there are so many other legit, very lucrative and totally non-God-connected ways to get those sorted out. More so,  such schemes I’ve discovered, do not produce hearts that are genuinely repentant and following hard after God. All they churn up are hordes of so-called worshippers, heavily laden with spiritualised greed as the focus stays on just 3 people – me, myself and I.

See, that’s why we must get back to the essence of our faith.  It is not about getting ‘stuff’. As I said in yesterday’s post, God’s not one giant genie up there whose sole reason for being is to scurry around heaven, desperately trying to grant every wish we could ‘ask or think’.

A faith in God that’s driven by material needs is childish and shallow at best and eternally devastating at worst.

Thoughts ramble on in my head but I have to stop here. What do you think? Does the christian faith as it is shared today hold any relevance beyond material/physical/emotional comfort? In your mind,  what’s the essence of the Christian faith? What does it really hold? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section.

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11 thoughts on “If I Have All These, Why Do I Still Need Your Jesus?

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  1. Finally I can get this out.

    First of all, I really have a problem with it when people castigate the church generally. But story for another day…

    I’ll tell you about the day I became born again. I went to an evening service. And for some reason, right from the beginning of the service, I was waiting for an altar call. I was impatient, like, make-this-altar-call-aready impatient. I barely heard anything the preacher said, and when it seemed like he was rounding up without giving an altar call, I was getting disappointed.

    Then he gave it. And from my seat in an overflow area, I got up. I took all the self control in the world and then some to keep myself from sprinting to the altar.

    I have a strong feeling that someone, or some people, had been praying for me. But that aside, the Bible says it’s the Holy Spirit that convicts the world of sin. I hadn’t been promised wealth or riches or anything like that, but I came.

    The world is full of people who do all kinds of sinful things and are genuinely convinced that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what they’re doing. It takes the Holy Spirit for a person to realise that those things are wrong, and that it’s time to turn around. It takes the Holy Spirit for a person to suddenly start to question all the things he didn’t ever think were wrong.

    Human logic does not work. Promises of wealth do not work. Threatening people with hell fire does not work. These may SEEM to create results (especially the last one), but these results might not last. (It is possible though, that before the temporary effects wear off, the person has a better, proper encounter with God that runs deep, but that’s a different story.)

    Every preacher needs to work with the Holy Spirit. Or else ehn…



    1. So so true Temitayo! Threats and ‘baits’ don’t work. Only the Spirit of God can effect genuine change in people’s heart.
      I love your born again story and frankly, I don’t mind the length of your comment at all as long as it expresses your heart.
      Thanks for adding a beautiful layer to this discussion.


  2. This is awesome post that blessed me.
    The bible teaches us that a man’s life does not consist of the many things he posseses, it also says what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. With these texts in the bible, I believe preaching the gospel out-of-balance would do more harm than good. For instance telling a man to come to Jesus so he can become rich will water down the main essence of salvation which is eternity in the end.
    I’d conclude with this- let the world know God can give anything to man, yet he seeks a cordial relationship with man because in the end the good things will pass away but HIS love won’t. Let us be heaven-bound and bring many to the light

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    1. Oh I wish I could like this comment 10 times over! The relationship is the ‘meat’ of our message and must never be sacrificed on the altar of mass appeal. Merci Monsieur Michael. ..hope you’ll keep visiting often


  3. The essence of the christian faith is not to have material things but to be an extention of our Father here on earth, all others only come as fringe benefits and for the purpose of the gospel.truth is even wen u tink u have it all, u will never have that inner peace that comes from knowing Him, u will always kw that something is missing.


    1. Brilliant contribution Efe. I completely agree with you on this. But how do we get this foundational truth back into mainstream church culture today?


  4. Hmm…deep! Quite thought provoking! What readily comes to mind is that from our natural standpoint, rich men and poor men alike have and retain relationships because thay consider that to be an important part of being a fulfilled “social being”. In the same vein, not considering a relationship with Jesus(an intimate one at that) because you have “all” earthly possession is mortgaging your spiritual fulfillment, which is the fundamental need of your spirit (the real you!). Cheers!


    1. “…an intimate relationship with Jesus…The fundamental need of your spirit (the real you!)”… I wish every believer would recognise and promote this as we share our faith with the world around us.
      I couldn’t have said it better Paul! Thanks for enriching this conversation.


    1. Perfect scripture for this! How come I didn’t add it in the post? Loll…well, good thing I’ve got people like you reading…We sharpen each other right? God bless you SINGIFEOMA!

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