Best Of Grow360 – February Review

Hey guys!

My, oh my! Is it just me or is 2015 zooming off rather quickly? For those still stuck in ‘new year mode’, still basking in the afterglow of a fresh start, uhmm. might be a good time to *scream!* SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

So how was your February? Flash back over the month. How did it go? *pause and genuinely think about your February – how was it?*


We had a great time here on Grow360 (thanks to you!). You guys kept us talking, pinging, thinking, writing (look out for amazing posts this month!) and praying and it was a beautiful experience.

We understand life happens to us all and you probably missed out on some fresh material released this last month. No problemo – we’ve got you covered.

Just in case you missed some of the great content published, here’s a selection of the top posts on Grow360 in February. I’m sure you’ll love each of them (just click on the titles to dive in – don’t worry, we’ll wait for you). In no particular order, here they are:

 1. He Said I’m Like A Sister To Him

Inspired by a funny image from a friend, this post examined the concept of expectations and assumptions in budding friendships and romantic relationships -oh, and there were some  tips for guys and girls alike.

2. If I Have All These, Why Do I Still Need Your Jesus?

This, for me was a specially enlightening post. It attracted very thoughtful comments from our readers both here and across other social media platforms. Need I say more?

3. Commanding Respect As A Youth

This serial post shared some powerful ideas that will help young people command the respect they deserve without resorting to rebellious behaviour or deviant vices just to prove a point. Everyone deserves respect – those who get it, command it. Learn how in this series.

4. How Can I Tell When To Accept Or Reject Advice?

Extracting wisdom from others is a pretty smart thing to do. But how do you filter through to pick out what should be retained? It’s way beyond liking or hating what the person has to say. This post shared 5 indispensable questions to help you know what to do with that next piece of advice.

5. The Irresponsible God

Although this post was originally published before February, it keeps making a comeback – that’s how punchy it is. Could God be irresponsible? Find out.

The long and short of it all? February was a fabulous month.

I cannot close this review without saying a big, hairy, heartfelt thank you to everyone who read, liked, commented and shared our content. A few readers also extended the conversations via BBM and whatsapp. That was F.U.N. Double thumbs-up guys – you’re simply the best! March is already upon us and it’s marching away. Let’s get going.

Welcome to March!


Live by Design. 

BBM : 514C3DD7 



P.S: Something big will be happening on Grow360 this month. Watch this space!


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