Sunday Thoughts #5 : Worship With Abandon!

Hey guys!

It’s sunday again. Hope you had a fulfilling week.

This morning, I’m thinking about how we, as young people, worship and praise God when we attend church services.

It’s rather ‘interesting’ when young people act all suave dry and collected  disconnected during intense praise sessions in church but let go of all inhibitions at parties as we groove and grind to songs with very questionable lyrics. Hmmm… could that be a pointer to what we truly value?

Here’s my challenge to you today.

When you get into that service today, forget about yourself, forget about everyone else and just focus on the God you went there to worship (He’s your reason for going, right?).

Forget about that guy or babe you’re trying to impress! Yeah I know you want to look your best for them, but in this matter, their relevance plummets to zero.

They weren’t there when God was pulling you out of your mess. They don’t know what He’s brought you through. They didn’t connect with your pain – why should you allow their presence affect your praise?

You know, I think it’s a bad mixture of fear and pride when we allow the presence of people douse our expressions of joy and appreciation to God. This is not about anyone – it’s strictly between you and your God.

Give Him your most passionate expressions. Tank your ‘reputation’ in thanksgiving. Cast your ego at His feet. Take it all (your profile, social status, physical endowments, material abundance and everything in between) and splash it all down and out in reverent worship and surrender. Let Him be the focus of your best dance moves. It’s all part of offering ourselves as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God (Romans 12:2). Check out Dave, the fearsome,  war-hardened King:

And David said to Michal, it was before the Lord… therefore will I play before the Lord

And I will yet be more vile than thus, and will be base in my own sight…

2 Samuel 6:21-22 (KJV) 

Just think for a sec – who else really deserves it?

Live by Design. 

BBM : 514C3DD7 



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