When you start coming into the consciousness of your purpose, your true life’s work, you know, when you say to yourself “you know what, enough of the fooling around, excuses, laziness, cowardice, overanalysis and all that. It’s time to live out my purpose!”

When you get to that point where you start taking (sometimes radical) actions in this direction, not everyone will understand – especially those closest to you who think they already have you figured out. You know, those who think they know what you can or should do with your life.

Adjustment Image

“Who do you think you are?”

“Wetin you dey wan form sef?”

“Na you serious pass, abi?”

Don’t let that faze you. It’s a normal reaction when you choose to become consciously committed to your purpose.

Go on and make those adjustments. It may be tough – at first, and probably not everyone will understand you.

But then again, maybe not every one should.


Live by Design. 

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