One Image Every Young Man Should See



I’ve had this on my tab for a while now. For the life of me, I cannot recall exactly how it got here but every time I look at it, something resonates within me.

“What?”, you may ask

That, my friend, I cannot fully articulate.

It’s just something.

I’m looking at this and I’m asking myself am I ready to be that guy? Am I becoming that guy? I’m not referring to his chiselled physique (though that wouldn’t be such a bad idea). It’s something deeper.

What kind of lady would I be glad to have in that position? What’s the quality of that woman I could do this with forever without a frown?

Then I look closer and more thoughts bubble up. Am I really leaning on God’s truth or a mixed pot of ideas from popular culture and my own ideas on what I think is right?

Thoughts. Thoughts. And more Thoughts.

Am I thinking too much or is this image talking to you as well? I’d so love to hear your thoughts on this. Don’t wait for anyone else. Go ahead and share yours in the comments section just below. Thank you.


Live by Design. 

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9 thoughts on “One Image Every Young Man Should See

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  1. the foundation of an all-round strenght is in d Word of God.he will remain rooted in God except she’s becomin too “obesed” for him.a woman can either be an helpmate or an “hellmate”.for d man,are u ready????


  2. Such a brilliant food for thought# we all can make this world a better place if we learn to Love the Lord Jesus and love our neighbours as ourselves…

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