On the Subject of Pain

“God whispers in our pleasure, speaks in our conscience but shouts in
our pain. it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world”

C.S Lewis

Pain is one of the many unfavorable, yet constant realities in our
world. We all go through it at some point in our lives – some extreme, others mild.
Though some people stay mercifully free of acute physical pain,
everyone has a form of suffering that may not go away; a resilient personality flaw, a broken relationship, unhealed childhood memories, a suffocating guilt, the list is infinite. 

And many times in our moments of intense pain and hurt, our natural tendency is to

either declare God missing or wicked. Personally, I have such a morbid fear of pain that I’ll do almost anything to avoid it but because we live in a fallen world full of broken people who do broken things and help break other things, like in a mathematical equation, pain assumes the role of a constant with a numeric value of infinity. It’s never too far away. No one wishes for pain, but it never asks for an invitation. It comes anyway, either to us or those we love.

So why pain?

Everyone at some point asks this question. To a large extent, pain and suffering happen because man is free and life is imperfect. Take sexual abuse for instance. It is a misuse of the violator’s freedom.

What is God’s role in all of this? If He is all-powerful, why does He allow pain?

You’ve probably never verbalised this question but somewhere in your heart, you’ve tried to find an answer to it.

We must learn that our faith does not necessarily offer an insurance against tragedy. It simply promises the infinite presence of the Holy Spirit. And that is no small thing.

This is what I’ve found. Sometimes, what God can prevent in his power, He allows in His wisdom. He’s rarely the cause, but in His deep wisdom, He takes that hurt and from it, extracts good; good that we can be grateful for when we look back upon everything in perspective.

Each thing may not seem like it’s working out for your good, but the sum of it all, the totality of your experiences are working out a better purpose.

Our pains and troubles are sometimes God’s tools for molding us to conform to the image of Jesus. They are usually an indication of how much God trusts us as He will not allow us go through anything bigger than us. He can pass scrappy ores through intense heat and pull out refined gold at the other end. 

Sometime ago, I read an article that addressed the issue of pain and to the question “where is God when it hurts?”, it answered thus

God is in us, not in the things that hurt us; helping to transform evil into good.

Do you sometimes think God does not hear? That your cries of pain fade off into nothing? God is not deaf. He is as grieved by the world’s
trauma as you are. After all, His only son died here. So in your
moments of pain, stick to God, He will come through for you.

 – By ‘Naza

Live by Design. 

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Image Credit : urbanspiritual.org


2 thoughts on “On the Subject of Pain

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  1. what God can prevent by his power,He allows in His wisdom.He’s in me and not in d tins dat hurt me,transformin evil to gud.He came tru for me and has been ther in my most tryin moments.its not easy though,but it(stayin glued to him while waitin 4 Him to com tru) works!

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