Opinion: “It’s Either My Church Or No Church At All!” Are You A Picky Worshipper?

Just this afternoon while returning from church, I had a chat with a friend. He’s presently out of the country and because of his peculiar location, I was curious how his sunday morning turned out. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

Friend: How was service?

Me: Twas great

Friend: Nice

Me: Yeah

Me: I imagine you couldn’t be in church today?

Friend: Yes. I don’t even know where a church is

Me: Eyah. I think a search on the internet could have helped 

Friend: I just thought of that now that u mentioned it. And even if I did, I won’t go if it’s not (mentions Church A) or (Church B)

Me: *mild scowl* You’re welcome. But why only Church A or Church B?

Friend: U don’t try out churches in a predominantly ******* society. U go to a place you are sure about *laughs*

Me: excuse *laughs*

Friend: I’m actually serious; not an excuse *laughs*

Me: mo ti gbo (I’ve heard you/point taken)

Friend: Lol 

Interesting. Are you like my friend who’s placed a personal restriction on the churches he’d attend irrespective of proximity or location (“it’s either church xyz or no church at all”)? Or are you in the “If I find a nearby church, it’s fine. I can attend and it’s no big deal” category?

I’d love to hear from you. Are you comfortable with the idea of ‘experimenting’ with churches? Why or why not? Maybe you’ve deliberately visited several places of worship just to ‘check them out’? How did it go? Do you even think it should matter at all?

Issues like this have no right or wrong answers so feel free to share your thoughts as we examine this subject together. Anonymous comments are welcome as well. I can’t wait to read your opinions! What’s your take on this?

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Live by Design. 

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12 thoughts on “Opinion: “It’s Either My Church Or No Church At All!” Are You A Picky Worshipper?

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  1. For me, experimenting churches when I have one I am comfortable with is not a very good idea. I go to church to worship God, worship is not an experience, it is a spiritual state that is not limited by location. However, visiting other churches with a genuine aim of worship is a good idea.

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  2. Finding a great church in a new area is difficult. I used to think that just any old church would do; but the more different churches I visit the more I realize how careful I have to be. Some churches operate by sticking to tradition. I don’t always understand what tradition they are sticking with and why they do the things they do. Some churches are as denominational as they get – complete with the “We’re the only way to Jesus because we’re the only church that gets it right.” mentality. They tend not to be accepting of people asking questions like “Why?” or “What Bible verse is that supported by?” So every time I move I try churches that are only in a denomination that I know what I’m in for / what to expect. Then I visit a lot of churches looking for the best fit of what I need in order to help me grow. It’s not about being picky – it’s about being discerning. I’ve seen churches that hold back believers, don’t let them wrestle with the hard questions, and I know just how common they are.

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  3. I think everyone would prefer a church they are used to. There is something about the human psyche that ensures comfort with the familiar.
    I, for one, abhor experimenting with churches. But sometimes my hands are forced. Usually I have found myself otherwise located and my regular place of worship inaccessible but I will rather I choose a proximate alternative most sundays than just sit at home.

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  4. I personally don’t mind,i just have certain denominations i can’t worship with.apart from that,i enjoy trying out new churches and if i find it ‘funny’ or boring i gently sneak out.


  5. well,i dont c anytin wrong with atending another church apart 4rm mine expecialy wen im in d position wher i cant.JESUS is same evrywher,only d pple and location differ.personaly i can go to any Bible believing church.JESUS IS ONE anywher,anytime and anyday


    1. Put yourself in my friend’s shoes. New location. No reliable source to enquire from (surrounded by strange faces who are non-Christians). What would you do?


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