To Fellow ‘Tube Watchers’ – And Everyone Else Out There

You know those jokes about couples who fight over toothpaste tubes? How one partner could not stand the sight of a tube pressed anywhere but from the base?

I was one of those people.

I’m not married but I recall being irritated by mangled toothpaste tubes, pressed abusively by other family members. Being the last child though, my frustrations had to be swallowed. This was Nigeria in the 90s and you just didn’t yell at older siblings. But as I carefully straightened out the poor tube, I couldn’t help but wonder, “why would anyone choose to press a toothpaste tube from the middle?”.

I think it was sometime in my late teens/early twenties I finally had to consciously (and I do mean CONSCIOUSLY) talk myself out of that attitude.

Silly I know, but every tube watcher will tell you it’s not funny. It makes no sense to do that.

But before you judge us or flash a patronising smile, look in the mirror.

I’ve seen people lose it over trivial things like a shared pair of headphones or taking a bite off a piece of boiled egg (“Idiot, you nor know say I nor dey share egg?!”).

These sound trivial to me, but my toothpaste thing was not. It was a logical and justified irritation – to me.

We all have them. At least most of us do. Look closely and you will find yours; mundane matters that get you worked up. Others say it’s nothing. Well, they don’t know a thing about you, do they?

But you know what? We cannot live that way.

We must let go of some of those things that we think make us ‘unique’ so we can become better people. We could choose to excuse, defend or conceal our immature ways (yes, that’s what they are) under the guise of ‘peculiarities’, ‘preferences’ or any other high-sounding nonsense.

We must let go of some of those things that we think make us ‘unique’ so we can become better people

Or we can do better by taking a hard look at ourselves and ask, “Is this the best I could be?”Sure, that ‘preference’ is a part of what makes you, you. But be honest, is that the best you could be in that area of life? 

So I saw this tube this morning; and a smile skidded across my face.

I’m sure you get the point.


Live by Design


2 thoughts on “To Fellow ‘Tube Watchers’ – And Everyone Else Out There

Add yours

  1. Hahahahahahahaha….. ikhide ooooo. U won’t kill me wit laugh. Like saint Paul will say, “wen I was a child I behave childishly and as I am grown, I throw childish tins away”


    1. Loll….Indeed. Back then, it wasn’t ‘childish’ anyways. We all have those eccentricities, don’t we?
      Thank God for growth.
      and thank you for connecting with this post.


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