Overtaking Is Allowed


It’s a typical saying in my country. When the lanky kid transfers to a new school and other little geniuses suddenly look like dummies, we justify it with this saying.

When the young man with the funny accent joins the firm and rises faster than garri in cold water, there again we conclude, “overtaking is allowed”.

The plain chic who never had a boyfriend in university splatters social media with her gorgeous honeymoon pictures while her roomies from way back are still sorting the fragments of their broken hearts. We muse and this phrase falls out.

It’s so widespread, we say it with some degree of pride. It feeds our ego and drives our ambition. We feel good knowing we’re the ones who overtook the others; you know, the guys that started from the bottom and now we’re here. 

But really, don’t you think the concept of overtaking others is flawed? I’m asking because to overtake someone, both of you must of necessity be running the same race. Right?

The destination defines the route. Unless you’re headed exactly the same place as someone else, does it still make any sense to try to ‘overtake’ them? You’re on your journey. You’re on your path. They are on theirs. Who else is running YOUR life’s journey with you? Essentially, no one. Then why do we still feel the need to ‘overtake’? Wouldn’t it be smarter to channel our energies towards a better understanding of OUR journey and how best we can run it?

Think about this for a second. What drives your ambition? What powers your quest for excellence? Is it a deep seated nudging to outdo someone else’s accomplishments? Possibly a sibling, relative, parents, a perceived rival or even a friend? These are deep questions demanding real answers.

You’re not here to compete. You’re here to complete your race. Our journeys may run side by side for a while and we feel the need to compete because it looks like we’re on the same race, but we’re not.


Each one is on his path. You probably agree with this already. My quest is that you let that knowledge affect the inner workings of your heart when dealing with others. Don’t be deceived; life is not about competition but completion. Run yours and I’ll run mine. And when we’re privileged to run on parallel tracks, may each one remember that the tracks may lie next to the others’ but the race is completely different. Always has, always will be. So wish every one well on their journey, knowing that another’s success will not cannot decrease your chances of succeeding – if you really know what you’re doing.

So is overtaking still allowed? I don’t think so. Overtaking is impossible – unless someone abandoned  their race for another’s.

The question then becomes, who did?


Live by Design. 

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  1. “Overtaking is allowed” happens wen our state of mind is competitive. Like I will always say, there is plenty to go around only if we know wia to look. Nice write up bro.


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