Special Announcement!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Hey guys,

We’ve got a big announcement today.

Guess what? August Is Coming!!!

“Uhmm…so what does that mean?”, you’re probably thinking.

Well, we’re pleased to inform our teeming audience that come Saturday, August 1, 2015, Grow360 will be hosting its FIRST EVER online campaign! It’ll last the entire month – that’s right, 31 straight days of factual and intense engagement on a life-issue confronting most young people today (Hang on. You’ll find out what that is soon enough).

We’ve been preparing THIS for you, and we strongly believe that this month-long event will spark up a new season in your life. It will make you stop, think, pray, ask the tough questions, find the right answers, communicate with raw candour and look at yourself in ways you probably never had before. We can feel the tremors already….jeeeezzzz!

How can I involved? Good question.

3 easy steps.

1. Follow us on twitter @grow360tweets. Crucial updates before and during the campaign will be posted via our twitter handle.

2. Tell every young person you know about this. Okay, that’s us being dreamy. How about we try something more realistic? Get at least one friend involved; you’d really want someone who knows you to bounce off thoughts as we go along. We guarantee they’d thank you for this.

3. Keep your eyes on >>this space<< and get ready for an incredible 31 days in August!

This is no overhyped, feel-good, make-a-lot-of-noise-on-social-media kinda youth thingy.  We’re talking hardcore life transformation – but you’ve got to get involved to find out. Look out for the hashtag #AugustIsComing and don’t forget to include same when you tweet @ us.

Got any questions? Let’s meet up in the comments section.

Okay then. Enough said. How about we head on over to twitter and get this journey started?


Live by Design. 

BBM : 514C3DD7 




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