Sparring Partners

But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!

– Ecclesiastes 4:10

Just a few days left!

#AugustIsComing guys and we at Grow360 are really thinking about how YOU, our esteemed friends and audience can get the best of the coming month. We want it to be your best time with us – ever.

But how?

Aha! The Sparring Partner! 

The Collins English Dictionary defines it this way.

Sparring partner definition

We need sparring partners. Truth be told, I think we have them already- just without the title. You know, friends we enjoy having arguments with, just for the fun of exchanging lively banter, matching wits and slinging an endless assault of jokes back and forth. Hanging out with such friends is always refreshing despite the ‘headaches’ they bring along. We’d rather swallow the panadol than live without their company.

Interestingly, those interactions can also be a great way to get out of our own heads and gain clarity on subjects as we engage in conversations. In the process of speaking and listening, we adjust and refine our convictions, beliefs and habits. Sparring partners sometimes help us grasp important handles on life.

S.P. Highlight


If your life were a boxing match, who would you say are your sparring partners today? I’m not talking about who you’d like to have in your corner sometime in the future. Among the people presently in your life, who fits this role? Any names coming to mind? Good.

Check out your friends. Who first comes to mind when you have something serious to talk about? Those friendships are priceless.

We’re excited because #AugustIsComing and we want you to get the very best out this ‘thing’ we’ve been working on.

Therefore, would you consider enlisting a sparring partner to take this journey with you? Next month’s event will push you to think, pray, ask the tough questions, find the right answers and look at yourself in ways you probably never had  before. It’d be so much better if someone else shared the journey with you.

When we get serious about making changes in our lives, it’s risky trying to go solo. Running alone makes it so much easier to drop out when it gets uncomfortable. You don’t want to drop out, do you?

More on that in this classic blog: Beyond the Goosebumps [Bringing REAL and LASTING Change to Your Life]

There may be days when you don’t feel like sticking with the process or your thoughts become disjointed and you need an extra mind or just a listening ear to fit it all together. Enter your sparring partner.

#AugustIsComing and it will be a great journey. And like all great journeys, it’ll be more pleasurable when shared with friends.

To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.

-African Proverb

31 days in August is quite some distance. Reach out to a friend today and ask that they join you on this journey. You could start by sharing this post with them (the sharing icons are at the end of this post) and hear what they have to say about it. Don’t just read this. Do it – that’s how we change, that’s how we grow.

New Actions –>> New Results –>> New Growth

Alright. Time for a quick test!

Q: From today’s blog, who would you say is/are your sparring partner/s?

Looking out for your answers in the comments section.


Live by Design.

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3 thoughts on “Sparring Partners

Add yours

  1. I can say I have few of these people called sparring partners, never knew there was a term that perfectly fit what they are to me. There is one in particular, a colleague in my first year in the uni turned room-mate turned friend, she has geared me towards doing the seemingly insurmountable issues life throws at me.
    This post has made me value that friendship more. God bless you!


    1. Amen Didi.
      We’re happy you have sparring partners in your life. Keep nurturing those relationships. Hope you’ll be a part of what we’ve got coming up in August.


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