Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Growing up, I had a running battle with pimples (or is it acne?). Long after they should have left me alone, those guys stuck around to make a mess of what would have been my smooth, innocent face.

Eventually, it got so bad I stopped checking or trying to eradicate them for good. Guess we became buddies. The mirror was not my best friend because it was a reminder of a battle I was tired of fighting. 

#AugustIsComing guys. We’d be holding up a mirror and we’d be daring you to look in. It will not always be comfortable but don’t be like me. Stare into the mirror, though you may not like what you see at first. But that’s exactly the point.

Have you ever dressed up and felt you did a good job – until you looked into the mirror? You felt grateful you didn’t have to find out from a stranger (or worse your crush!) that you had something in your teeth or that your hair looked like the rainforest. Mirrors aren’t so bad after all, right?

Like my pimple/acne case, is there anything you’re avoiding in your life? A battle you’re tired of fighting? Are there any mirrors you’re hesitant to look into?

#AugustIsComing.  It’s the moment of truth.


Live by Design. 

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