Day 1: He Gave Us All Fires

Day 1.

I am scared of fire for obvious reasons – it is destructive when untamed. A friend once argued that fire is a living thing and found a clever way to assign to fire, all the attributes of a living thing as listed in the famous biology acronym ‘MR NIGER D’ (apologies if you didn’t attend a typical Nigerian secondary school).

There is something intriguing about the ravaging tenacity of fires. They take no prisoners. Fires often start small, really small, with perhaps a mere spark. Then they settle on small materials and utterly consume them, and move on to large materials, settling deliberately and firing on. They just keep going on.

God gave us all fires. He coded certain embers into our being.

I want to nurture my fire. I want to be an unstoppable, consuming force. There’s this urge within.  And I want to live out that fire. Don’t you?

Fire always wins by feeding on material. God has given me some fire as I suspect He has given you. But it is not unusual to see people let their fires go out. Yes, fires go out when they are starved of combustible material.

That’s why I chose to go on a ‘Grow My Fire’ campaign. I’m on a journey; a journey of consciously

  • identifying
  • accepting
  • developing
  • and deploying

this resilient flicker in my soul. This is a very personal campaign in that I am not talking from the place of one who has ‘been there and seen that it works’.

Rather, I want to try this out even though I am quite certain that it would work. I want you to join me. Let’s embark on a month-long journey to discover, understand, accept, develop and deploy our fires; feeding them with their respective materials.

My materials for example would most certainly be books. I think my fire is communicating via the written word. I am drawn (more like pulled) to writing and my only guilt is always ‘I don’t write enough’. To grow this fire, I have to read enough. I also have to simply write.

What do you have to do to fuel your fire and grow it? Let’s try it out for 31 days and see how much territory we conquer. (Hope no one from the Fire Service is reading this. I don’t think they would appreciate a fire campaign).

Motivational speakers say similar things all the time and while I have my reservations about their often overly lofty perspectives to life, I think we can achieve these heights if we stay the course and commit to doing something about what we believe, one day at a time.

It would be nice to have you join.

But first, let’s start with baby steps. Below is the GrowMyFire sign up form. We believe strongly in the power of teamwork to spur the changes we desire. We’d love to be your cheerleader No.1 on this journey, so please fill in your name (first name alone will be perfect), your email address and what you think your ‘fire’ is (if you haven’t figured out what it is yet, no big deal; that’s why we’re here). Remember to click on ‘submit’ when you’re done.

BRAND NEW! !! We’ve created a WhatsApp group specially for this event. It’ll be a great place to connect with other fire growers, learn from their contributions and share yours as well in a friendly, relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Our whatsapp number can be found at the end of this post. Remember, to go far, go together.

There’s a lot more to come but we’ll ease into the process. Tell your friends, tell your everyone you know, you’re coming ablaze this season!

Join and spread the word.

-Yemi Onafuye

Live by Design. 

BBM : 514C3DD7 


(NEW!) WhatsApp : +2348120356820

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