This is It. August Is Here!

My oh my! The much talked about August is finally here!

We’re so so excited you joined us today. Hope you enjoyed the buildup as much as we did. Some really funny questions came in from you guys (maybe we’ll do a special post on that as well) about what we were cooking up. We laughed (confession!), we were stunned but sincerely humbled by your curiosity and following. You guys rock!

So what’s this thing we’ve been brewing? Well, let’s start with a little game. Look at the image below. What do you see?

Still can't see anything? Try squinting.
Still can’t see anything? Try squinting.

Struggled with that? Alright, how about this one?

Are the circles moving or stationary?
Are the circles moving or stationary?

Are you  starting to doubt your eyesight? The next one  is the crown jewel. What do you see in this image? Look very closely. This exercise works best in a relatively bright environment, say, outdoors.

Can you find what's hidden in this image in less than 30 seconds?
Can you find what’s hidden in this image in less than 30 seconds?

Time’s up!

So what did you see? A secret message? A shadowy image of an old man? Just a black frame? Look closely.

Actually that’s a trick question. It should be who did you see? Aha! You saw yourself, right? Bravo!

Let’s unpack what just happened.

When you stared into that last image, why was it so hard to see yourself the first time? I’m not 100% sure but could it be because you were looking for something else in there? Could it be that in searching for the hidden, you missed the obvious?

That’s what we’d be seeking to correct this month. As promised in the blog post, Mirror, Mirror on the wall, all through this month, we’d be holding up a virtual mirror and we’d be asking you to look in. We hope you’d see yourself first, how you are at this moment, but more than that, how you could be – if you choose to be a part of this month-long campaign.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we present to you, Grow360’s first ever special month-long event tagged….*drum roll please*


All through August,  we’d be examining the subject of discovering, understanding, accepting, developing and deploying the fire in each of us. The questions will be point-blank and the answers may be tough, but the end will turn out beautifully.

  • Why are you here? 
  • What are you REALLY doing with your life (not “what would you like to do?”)? 
  • What is your fire? How can you transform the smoldering embers to a fierce inferno?

These and others will form the bed of our interaction this month. Of course, we’d be bringing in the Grow360 twist with interesting angles such as

  • Crossing the three seas
  • Lights, Camera, Cracks!
  • What’s love got to do with it?

You spoke and we listened, so the main thrust of this event will be right here on the blog, not our twitter timeline as first intended. Daily posts will be published here at 7am (GMT+1)  from Monday to Friday while the weekends will be reserved for reflection, Q&A, sharing (and celebrating!) your progress with us. But being Day 1, today’s post will go live at midday.

If we met on the street today and I asked you those three questions above, would you be able to clearly and confidently articulate your personal answers? Look at them again. If you’re not very sure, please, please, plllleeeaassseee, DO NOT MISS THIS! Yes, I’m pleading. Do not miss this.

From this point, you owe yourself a decision. To go on with business as usual or dare to confront yourself and use your God-given power to effect a change in your life. What will you do?

We need to be sure we’re all fully committed to the adventure that awaits us. So if you’re ready to take this ride, please indicate by clicking appropriately below.


This is it guys. There’s no turning back now. August is upon us. Time to get running. See you at midday with Day 1’s post: He Gave Us All Fires.

Live by Design. 

BBM : 514C3DD7 


P.S: Thank you for visiting today. You’re reading this because someone cared enough to share this with you. Spread the word and the love by sharing this post with someone. The social media icons are just below. You’re the best!


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