Day 3: The Joshua Moment

Hey guys,

It’s the first full week on our journey together. We’re thrilled at your warm reception of the #GrowMyFire campaign! You guys really turned up and we believe it will deliver on its promise to you.

Today, the spotlight falls on a very powerful, yet often overlooked aspect of discovering, understanding, accepting, developing and deploying our fires. 

In ancient Israel, the Jews got mixed up with other nations and fell in love with their worship rituals and people. Their loyalty to the one true God became tainted.

Joshua, their privileged leader had to call them out on their behaviour with a clear challenge – decide who you want to worship, either the one true God or the deities of the neighbouring nations. There was no middle ground, no second guessing and no ‘tolerance’. It was an all-or-nothing deal.

And if it seem evil to you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom you will serve…

-Joshua 24:15

I think we all need to have a Joshua Moment in our lives.

It’s in that moment you decide what you’ll really do with your life (observe the calculated phrasing;  this is not about deciding what you’d WANT to do with your life but what you’d ACTUALLY DO. The Joshua Moment is not a decision of intention but action).

On Day 1, some of our readers completed  the #GrowMyFire sign up form. In one field,  participants were asked (not compulsorily) to state what they perceived to be their fires.

Side note: If you haven’t signed up,  it is not too late. Everyone who signs up will receive a timed, personalised accountability commitment from the Grow360 team after this month’s campaign.  You can access the sign up form by clicking here.

This morning, I’m thinking, how many have made that CONSCIOUS commitment to live out this fire no matter what? How many have upgraded from viewing their fires as “something nice I’d like to do someday” to a burning drive that permeates every day of their lives? How many have had a Joshua Moment; THEIR Joshua Moment?

Interestingly too, if you have struggled to identify your fire, as I suspect some of us have, it could be because you’ve never made the resolute decision to find your fire and live it out. I love this quote by W.H. Murray:

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.

Why is it so important to have a personal Joshua moment?

Because that’s when the miracles start happening.  I suspect some of us unconsciously live with the belief that if God really wanted you to know or do something, He’d somehow get it across to you. While that may be true in some cases,  He’s still the same God who said we should call on him to find out the hidden matters of our lives.

Be honest with yourself.  Have you had a Joshua moment about finding and growing your fire? Have you been to that place where you said, “you know what? enough with the wishful thinking and procrastination. I must gain definite clarity on my fire.”?

Have you made that decision yet? Have you had a Joshua Moment?

Until a choice is made, everything is still left to chance and those who leave their lives to chance, don’t stand a chance in life.

This is Day 3. Why not make it your Joshua Moment?

Let’s continue this discussion in the comments section and at the #GrowMyFire Café (whatsapp group details just below).


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