The glory of God is to conceal a thing but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.

Proverbs 25:2

1. Fires are innate. They are fuelled by external input but sourced from within. It may even be hard to explain but you just know that it’s ‘there’.

2. Your fire may be not be traceable to your family or environment. It may alienate you because those around you don’t ‘get it’. Then again, it may not.

3. Your fire drives you all by itself. You have this feeling that your life won’t be complete if you don’t do this thing. It is called fire for a reason: it burns inside, it pulls you.

4. You are motivated by what to give, rather than what to gain. The drive is towards contribution, rather than collection. Truth be told, you could deploy your fire with minimal financial gain. The internal drive for expression and fulfilment dwarfs the quest for material compensation.

5. Your fire doesn’t have to be spectacular to be special or sound impressive to others. There’s no need for slick adjectives.

6. For some, finding their fire is easy; it’s apparent. Others may need to dig deeper in prayer and personal reflection to unearth the smoldering flames.

7. Research will also help with this. Find people who seem to carry similar fires and are deploying it effectively. Study them. Learn from them. In this information age, you need not struggle alone. More on this in the coming weeks.

8. Prayer gives an extra edge of accuracy to HOW and WHERE BEST to deploy your fire because the same fire in different people will be expressed differently.

9. Your fire can be a

  • divine vision: God specifically tells you what it is
  • strong passion: a deep affection for a specific field of endeavour, a cause or a class of people
  • gift/talent/ability: inherent competence in a field of endeavour
  • or a dream in your heart: a personal choice to excel at a task

10. No means of discovery is superior to the other. What’s important is the discovery, acceptance, development and deployment of your fire.

11. You can carry multiple fires. Case in point: one of the respondents listed three distinct fires in their #GrowMyFire sign up form. For those who feel compelled to forfeit one or more of their fires, there’s no need. Prioritize and deploy in line with your list.

12. Fires differ from wishes. Fires are not “something I’d like to do when I have xyz in place“; rather it is what you pursue irrespective of the presence or absence of xyz. You may not be running as fast as you’d like but fires don’t let you sit still, mouthing rhetorics. They fire you up! You just figure out a way to get going.

13. There’s usually a congruence of passion and ability for fires. The heart and hands are in sync. Wishes lack one (or both!).

14. Three key indicators of your fire:

  • Passion: you love it.
  • Ability: you possess a certain level of intrinsic proficiency in that area.
  • Hunger for mastery: there’s a clear internal drive towards expertise and more opportunities in that field. You put in time and energy learning more about it and developing your competence in that area. You love talking about it and exploring it.

15. Despite other commitments, your fire is your go-to activity at every chance you get. It consumes your ‘free time’. You are not just willing to make sacrifices for it; you actually go ahead to make the sacrifice. Interestingly, you rarely consider such acts as sacrificial – it’s just normal to you.

Which of these traits resound strongest with you? Anything else you’ve noticed about your fire? Let’s meet up in the comments section.

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