Live without regrets! 

I’m sure you’ve heard this and similar lines before. Whatever happens, chalk it up as a lesson learned, brush yourself and stride on. Live without regrets.

It sounds great – until you try to do it.

Let’s face it. Everyone has regrets in their lives. We all have those memories we wish could be altered, decisions we wish to reverse and steps we long to retrace. Regret is a part of life.

Personally, my biggest regret is that I never got to tell my mother how much I loved and appreciated her before she passed on. I assumed we’d be together for a longer time. I’m guessing she knew that already, but the pain of never telling her myself, mehn, the pain is real. The regret is real.

But real as it is, I have learned and I am moving on, making sure that I don’t repeat the same mistake with my surviving parent – my Dad. I’m doing my best to show and tell how grateful I am for the love, discipline and sacrifice with which they raised me.

Bringing this to the subject of our fires, is it possible that by postponing the discovery, development and deployment of your fire, you’re slowly but surely raising a monument of regret you’ll be forced to behold in the near future? I’ll wait while you read that again.

I tweeted Annie Dillard’s quote yesterday. Such a powerful reminder.

Powerful reminder
Powerful reminder

Every day, we’re either stoking our fires or we’re not. Those are our only choices really. All week, you’ve read thoughts and questions on the subject of your fire. My question is, what will you do with what you now know?

Amassing information without corresponding application is self-deception. We really don’t know (as we think we do) until that knowledge progressively changes our thought patterns, actions and habits.

You may have had regrets in the past. We all do.

But your future is still spotless. What will you do?

Thank you for sticking with this first week of our month-long journey together. Don’t forget to revisit earlier entries and engage with other ‘fire growers’ in our new whatsapp group. Keep growing!  

Live by Design. 

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