Day 10: Embrace Your Embers

Hey guys!

Wow! I’m super excited today. It’s the second week in our journey together. Hope you thoroughly enjoyed last week’s entries and had some meaningful personal reflection about the discovery, development and deployment of your fire.

Let’s build on that.

One of the strongest laws of nature is the law of cause and effect, or sowing and reaping. Hang on, this is no fundraiser. Here’s what I mean: the quality of input affects the results derived. However, the quality of input rests on your attitude towards the task. We simply don’t give our best to things we don’t consider important.


On Day 1, some brave young people filled the #GrowMyFire sign up form and stated their perceived fires. The diversity of entries was beautiful. But knowing and embracing your fire are different.

Maybe you’re yet to accept yours. You have an idea what it is, but you either choose to suppress, ignore, trivialize, deny or worse spend all your time admiring and coveting other people’s fires.

Have you accepted and embraced your fire? Or do you still view it as one of those cool things you can do or impress your friends with?

Take it as a business. This is business – the business of your life. An investment was made in you and the investor expects dividends.

Did you not see and know that it is necessary  [as a duty] for Me to be… [occupied] about My Father’s business?

Luke 2:49

Remember the story of the talents? A man distributes resources to his three servants and zooms off. On his return, he demands that each one accounts for the resources received. I recently picked up a striking part of the last servant’s character. He was not just lazy; that was a symptom of the deeper problem. He never embraced his embers. There was zero sense of ownership and business, even in his words.

So I was afraid, and I went and hid YOUR talent in the ground. Here YOU have what is YOUR own.

Matthew 25:25

The depth of detachment is astounding. Little wonder was labelled ‘wicked’ and ‘lazy’.

Refusing to embrace our embers is wickedness. Sounds extreme? But it’s true. Failing to discover, develop and deploy your fire is irresponsible behaviour.

Embrace your embers and fan them to a blazing flame. Don’t let the busyness of life detract you from the business of your life. I’ll say that again, this time a bit louder:


This is your life. This is your fire. This is your business.

Embrace it.

And go do great things for your investor.

Live by Design. 

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