So I woke up this morning at 5:51 and felt absolutely NO urge to write. Yop, you read that right; my writing parts didn’t remember to wake up. Maybe it was because the stress from yesterday had not fully thawed off my limbs and my mind felt frozen.

Then it hit me. This is exactly how fires die! The quench is never sudden. It’s always a gradual decline. One less commitment, one more day away, just this last time.

But here is the thing.

The best time to grow your fire is when you don’t feel like it. Those days when you don’t feel like doing anything are critical to sustaining your fire. They are the tie breakers; the defining moments in your personal growth. If we only act when we ‘feel like’, we won’t get much done.

There’s this quote I love with all my heart.

You can always quit TOMORROW. Why do it today?

I’ve adopted it as a personal mantra and it gets me on the road again when park mode feels so much better.

We all have these days. How we get through them is what separates the fire growers from wishful thinkers. So whether it’s a 600-word article or a quarter of that, I’m getting through mine today. I will punch this screen and #GrowMyFire! After all, I can always quit writing tomorrow; why do it today?

Everyone deals with pressure and challenges. My hope is that you’ll also find the strength to stoke your fire and kick through the lazy days when they come calling. Cheers to your growth!


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