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Hope you found yesterday’s discussion helpful.

In the quest to grow our fires, the desire is to live out the full extent of God’s deposits in us. One of the side effects of this journey is the opportunity to help others.

As you become better, the light of attention, responsibility and leadership turns on you. It’s not the goal, still it almost always happens.

But as the light shines, your  cracks become more glaring. The spotlight will highlight your spots. Therefore, it is smart to develop strong private character in your silent years.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Jesus between when he was 12 and when he showed up as a 30-year old man? Those 18 mysterious years are described in Luke 2:52

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.

18 years summed up in one word – GROWTH.

One of my mentors recently said to me, about a specific character issue, “you know, now you are young, nobody knows you. This is the time to deal with these things.”

The higher the rise, the deadlier the fall. The strongest dimensions of your inner fire will only emerge from a life of integrity – where your public and private personas are coherent and congruent.

The world today rewards charisma over character. Even among kids, we unwittingly reward the outspoken, seemingly talented youngsters more than others who may be reserved but possess endearing virtues like patience, respect for others and empathy. Those are not the ‘showy’ or ‘shiny’ stuff; yet they are the latent fuel for fires that burn long, hard and strong.

You don’t want to be a flash in the pan, do you? You don’t want to be one who does great things with his fire only to lose relevance in a short time.

I believe you want to last. Then take the time to admit and repair those cracks.

What are your personal cracks? Is it a hasty spirit? Timidity? Silent pride? Seemingly harmless addictions (guilty pleasures)? Poor time management? Poor money management? Rashness? Oversensitivity? Insensitivity? Indecisiveness? An overly critical spirit?

I bet you know yours. I know mine.

Keep working on correcting  those cracks. Then as the intensity of the light increases, everyone will see more and more of God’s wholesome, fiery glory shining through you.

Live by Design.

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