Hey guys,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine was awesome! This is our last full week on the #GrowMyFire adventure; let’s finish strong.

I was hesitant posting today’s entry because I wanted it to come in the last couple of days but my heart wouldn’t let me be.

When we consider the subject of discovering, developing and deploying our fires, we rarely think about this factor. The usual suspects are the quest for knowledge, developing courage, finding mentors and sparring partners.

Today we’re looking at the subject of prayer. Yes prayer. I’m not talking about perfunctory religious recitations. Far from it. This is about a desperate and deliberate communication with the Father.

But what on earth connects your fire to prayer? A few quick thoughts and we’ll be done.

Prayer purifies your motives. The greatest benefit from prayer is not what you get, but who you become.

By investing time in prayers, pride, envy and an unhealthy competitive spirit are drained and you’re strengthened to serve with a higher purpose – to please the one who set your heart ablaze in the first place.

In prayer, you gain clarity on how best to deploy your fires. This is because different people with the same fire may express it in very different ways. Also, some are privileged to carry multiple fires and may be confused over a strategy for deployment. Prayer dissolves the fog of confusion. You know what to do.

Generic counsel from friends and even mentors will not always help because let’s face it – your advisors are human and their counsel may be colored by personal experiences or preferences. Man has, and will always look on the external while God sees beyond the surface. He can show you what to concentrate on at this time while some fires, though present today, are to be deployed at a later date.

Each person’s situation is unique. Therefore, it will take prayers to determine the best course of action that’s uniquely suited to your present phase in your #GrowMyFire journey.

Personal inefficiencies are highlighted and dealt with in the place of prayer. It may be a personality quirk or some habit that is silently undermining the effect of your fire. In prayer, these uglier sides bubble up and can be addressed.

Much of the confusion, ineffectiveness and weakness in the pursuit of your fire can be eliminated as you pray. The question is: are you ready to?

Live by Design.

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