Hey guys,

How’s your day going? If you’ve ever lived, I’m sure you’ve had a time in your life when you knew what to do but just couldn’t drag yourself to actually do it. All plans were ready, you’d checked everything – and it’s all good. All except you.

How do you break free from the crippling grip of inaction? How do you jumpstart yourself to become the go-getter we both know you truly are?

  1. Lose your fears of mistakes.

Beneath your genuine explanations, fear sits as king. Instead of asking “what if I fail?”, flick that 180° and wonder ” what if I succeed? “. Now go blow.

2. Stop being so perfect.

What is worth doing is worth doing poorly the first time. This is no excuse to be shoddy. It just means if you really want to get going, you might as well start based on your present level of knowledge and expertise. Learn as you go.

3. Eyes on the prize, boy, eyes on the prize.

When you forget the ultimate, you become a slave to the immediate. Step back and see the big picture – how bad could that first move really be? Be gone already.

4. Stay inspired.

Motivation doesn’t last. Neither does eating, sleeping or your last hairdo. That’s why you need to keep yourself in that zone. Find stories of others who’ve accomplished similar feats. Extract the lessons and stay ablaze.

5. Start small – very small.

Rome was not built over the weekend – and I heard the Romans were pretty good builders.

Sure, everyone would love a GRAND OPENING!, the big bang that announces you’re in the building. But that guarantees nothing in the long-term. Start small, make your mistakes anonymously and keep making progress.

Cheers to your fire!

Live by Design

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