A pregnant woman cannot exactly describe her baby. She knows there’s someone growing within, a new life taking shape inside, but cannot verbally paint an accurate picture how her offspring would look, think or act. She cannot say how he/she would turn out five, ten or twenty years ahead.

Still no one can deny that she IS pregnant.

Are you struggling to describe your fire? Do you find it difficult to communicate it to others, to explain in precise terms what it means to you, to others and how you plan to discover, develop and deploy your fire?

Relax. You’re pregnant.

Sometimes it’s okay to NOT be able to explain to others. Sometimes, it’s okay that everyone (including you!) waits to see how your ‘baby’ looks. Deflate the urge to spell out what’s happening within prematurely. Forget the need to impress others with striking adjectives and profound paragraphs. If you don’t know yet, you don’t know. And that’s okay. Let it grow to maturity; then all eyes will see the breathtaking beauty that has been growing within, but until then, it’s okay to be blind.

Live by Design.

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