Dear Young Person


You know, when I read about Peter’s denial of Jesus, I wonder how he could do that. The guy wasn’t under any obvious threat at the time. There was no attempt on his life. Jesus had already been arrested and was already standing trial – alone. So why did Peter deny so vehemently?

Well, why do we keep silent when people around us profane what we believe?

Why do we fail to speak up when friends share mindless jokes with us either in person or on social media?

Why do we watch things go wrong and act so unattached, so unconcerned it’s almost like we’re not there?

Why do we hold back from sharing the gospel with that new friend, simply because we don’t want to offend?

Why do we deny (by our silence) in public, the things we believe (and shout about) in private?

Why do we keep watching and listening to obscenities in songs and movies rather than walk away from those sights that defile our minds and pollute our spirits?

Why are we scared to really be different?

I ask myself these questions and many more as much as I ask you.

The Spirit of God says : “You are my sanitizer in the world.  Wherever you are, clean it up. Clean up the conversation, clean up the speech. Let profanity become uncomfortable in your presence. It may ‘tweak’ some people but as you practice this in love,  you’ll be shining the light and keeping the light of heaven burning bright in your heart.”

Live by Design. 

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  1. I believe one answer to why we act the way we do is this..We’ve come to believe that people are entitled to their own personal beliefs and pattern of living and its not in our place to ‘disturb’ them particularly if our own lives are ‘right with God’…We forget that our light wasn’t meant for us but to illuminate the world. I speak as one that’s guilty too. Thanks Ikhide

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