When the Ashley Madison scandal broke into the open, one of its victims was the son of a renowned Reformed Theologian, R.C. Sproul.

R.C. Sproul Jr. admitted visiting the adultery site in August 2014 “in a moment of weakness, pain and from an unhealthy curiosity”. Though he did not engage any of their services or interact with any clients, he confessed to the board of Ligionier Ministries where he served. He has since been suspended for one year.

We are all born with curiosity, the urge to gain insight into something we have never known, seen or had. When it is not well tamed, the devil takes advantage and uses it to lure people into destruction.

Certainly, it was curiosity that got a hold of Eve before she reached out for the forbidden fruit. Whenever curiosity leads to violation of God’s word or ethical standards, it becomes unhealthy and must be avoided.

On the other hand, healthy curiosity can lead you to God’s assignment for your life or the next phase of it. Moses’ curiosity was stirred when he saw the bush in fire but wasn’t consumed. He turned to see and God connected him to what destiny had prepared for him. Pray that God will sanctify your sense of curiosity, so you will always explore things that edify.

Prayer: Lord, take my sense of curiosity and use it for your glory.

Written by Pastor Simeon Afolabi

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  1. It takes God’s strength to successful get out of the web of wrong/unhealthy curiosity especially if you have gotten to know so much…again, great post!


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