Hey guys!

How are you today? Hope you’ve had a fantastic week and all geared up for a refreshing weekend. I know I am.

Just a while ago, I got thinking about the subject of friendships and how they start. A few days back, I had to ask one of my friends a rather strange question.

“How did we become friends?” That’s not a thought we regularly consider, consciously at least.

She smiled as she also tried to recall.

It’s interesting how we meet people and without any specific plan, we silently blend into one another’s lives and over time, they become such a treasured part of our existence, we barely recall how things were before our roads intersected (I got tired of saying “paths crossed”).

So as you slide into the weekend, I’ve got a lil’ assignment for you. Promise me you’ll do it. Thank you.

Think about the close friends in your life today. (If you’re reading this without having thought out any name, you……you……I dont know what to say to you. You’re still reading? Stop and think joor. Don’t worry. I’ll wait for you).

See if you recall how the friendship started. Where? When? Under what circumstances? Who spoke first?

Now think about your first impressions about that person. Did they seem proud? Stubborn? Inconsiderate? More quiet/reserved than they are now that you’re friends? (Guilty!) More physically attractive then than now (once fine from afar but now far from fine? Loll)? Just go through those memories and see how your initial perceptions have changed (or been reinforced!) as the relationship grew.

Take that lesson and see if you can import it into your interactions with people you don’t know so well today. Yes, I’m talking about that cocky guy and that snob of a girl.

They may not really be all you think they are (good or bad). Give people a chance, slow down in passing judgement (note to self) and enjoy the unveiling process.

Yes, I know we’ve been told we only get one chance to make a good first impression. But truth be told, sticking to that in real life may cost you some priceless moments and benefits that only the purest of friendship ties bring to our lives. I’m living proof.

Have a posh weekend my friends. You deserve it.

Live by Design.

P.S: For extra points, share this post with a friend using the social media icons below and get talking about the first impressions you had about each other. If you feel like sharing, I’d be excited to spend time this weekend reading how the conversation played out. Cheers to great friends!


I know I said that before but this time it’s different *wink*.


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