If you don’t like where you are, you are only one thought away from
turning towards the life you deserve

Author unknown

You remember Issac Newton right? He was quite a regular name in your secondary school physics classes.

Remember when you learned about the force of gravity? He showed up and explained why a fruit will fall from a tree to the ground and not soar towards the skies (duh!). He showed up in classes on ‘motion’, armed with three laws, the first being that “a body will continue in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force”.

This law astounded your young mind and you understood for the first time why the car never left the garage except someone moved it and why the car will keep moving unless someone applied the brakes.

Well, that law kind of applies to humans except in our case, I’ll modify it slightly to say “a person will continue in his/her state of rest or motion in a certain direction except acted upon by an INTERNAL force”. I’ll say that again. Read slowly.

A person will continue in his/her state of rest or motion in a certain direction except acted upon by an INTERNAL force

Unlike a parked car or some stationary, inert object which remains still until an external force incites action, man is controlled not by external forces but by an internal force. If he would move or change direction, it’s because he wills himself to do so.

Our thoughts control our lives. That’s why scriptures tell us to guard our hearts above everything else because it directs the course of our lives. If we must change course, we must change our actions and our actions can only change when we change our thoughts.

So how do we change our thoughts? Is it even possible? Think about any subject over which you’ve had to switch opinions. What prompted the change? Compelling evidence? Prolonged exposure to the new idea? Emotional attachment?

God’s word has the power to realign anything that is misaligned. Yes, it is that strong. It can recalibrate faulty mindsets, belief systems, ideologies, traditions and doctrines of deception that lie and exalt themselves above the will of God for your life.

Therefore, if you really mean business about changing direction in your life from within, you must make out time to stay with God’s word, to read it, think about it, question it and let it answer for itself. You must expose yourself to its power.TThisnew thoughts you need to switch lanes will not barge into your room and slap down your mobile phone that you’ve been looking at for three straight hours, trying to capture the perfect selfie or select the best filter. You have to let them in.

This means that some things that presently occupy your time will need to go. But for everything that goes today, you gain something else, something better – a mind trained and renewed by truth to live with a clear sense of direction and an internal compass, leading you step by step, to your desired future.

By ‘Naza

Live by Design.



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