I Am December

I am December, the last month of the year.

I am December, I bring you joy and cheer.

I am December, some dare not hold me near

For I am December, a few folks’ worst nightmare


Some greet me with a drumroll

The sound of victories won

Some scared to just say hello

Wish I would soon be gone


I’ve heard a thousand wishes

And many prayers too

Some hoped they’d get white horses

But who was fooling who?


I come with joy and singing

A fair sweet dose of guilt

Toy with 11 older siblings

And I’ll make you press repeat


But I am free and faultless

As boundless as the air

No glory in your sadness

No joy in your despair


So treat me kinda different

I’ll show what I can do

I hold things so much deeper

I’m sure you’d love them too


Plan, think and own your mistakes

For they are yours alone

Learn well and do it better

That is why I am here

For I am December, the last month of the year

You hate or love me dearly, I am already here.


Live by Design.



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