No lenghty intros today guys. 2016 speeds towards us and no doubt you want to make yours impeccable, yeah? Here are three key activities you must make time for before midnight on New Year’s eve.

  1. Make time to THINK. I don’t mean worry about the coming year or bemoan the mistakes of 2015. Clear out some time in your schedule to ponder how best to make 2016 a fantastic year. The activities that produce the most significant results in our lives are products of deliberate thinking exercises. You’ll produce best results only with an actively engaged mind. A few things to note.
  • Thinking takes time (which you already have). You just need to reassign more to this activity. Yes, that means you’ll need to do less of something you’re presently doing. Sleep? TV? Social media? Nothing? Something’s got to go.
  • Right questions trigger right thoughts. The quality of the answer is resident in the question. Ask yourself intelligent questions. No, I won’t provide examples. That’s where the thinking starts. *tongue out*
  • Those who think on paper, think better. I learned this from David O. Oyedepo and its so true! More on this later.
  • The results of a real thinking exercise are decisions and actions. Anything else is something else.

2. Make time to PRAY. No, this is not about Christmas wishes and desired surprises. I’m talking about having heart-to-heart conversations with God concerning the year ahead. The focus is not primarily on making requests, but on gathering ‘insider knowledge’ for the year ahead. Here’s one fundamental truth you should never forget: GOD TAKES NO PLEASURE IN YOUR CONFUSION. In prayer, you can break past all that fuzzines and step into specific, personal wisdom for the year ahead.

I once found out in December, such insider information that only made sense in October the next year. Such prayers prepare you for things to come.

  • This kind of praying is conversational. Don’t just vent and leave. Stick around, be quiet and listen.
  • Pray scriptures. Literally.
  • Separate yourself and be prepared for several sessions. Don’t rush this.

3. Make time to WRITE. Writing down (and frequently reading!) your plans, strategies and decisions enhances the likelihood of execution. Remember, those who think on paper, think better and if you’re not planning on paper (or today’s equivalent, computers/mobile devices), you’re really are not planning yet. You’re still only wishing.

Magnificent buildings always start as blueprints. Every part is considered, defined and calculated before construction starts. Observe and learn.

  • Scrap notes are a no-no. Get a proper notepad (if you’re the hard copy type).
  • Write clearly. Use simple words to explain what you mean. Resist the urge to hide behind vague words. Simple is beautiful.

These activities are not glamorous. In fact, they may be a tad boring. They won’t get you likes, comments and shares on social media – but that’s not what you need now, is it? You need 2016 to be your best year yet.

Think deeply.

Pray fervently.

Write clearly.

A great year beckons.

Live by Design.



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