“What? What are you thinking about?” The slow, circling motion on the chest was arousing. Yet whatever it was doing had to be ignored. Stifled.


“C’mon, you know that’s not true. You’ve got that deep-in-thought look on your face again.”

Weak smile.

“For real, it’s nothing”

“I don’t think so baby. You’ve worn this look after every time we’ve had sex in the past two months”

Reflex expression of shock. Suppressed. Too late.

“You’re surprised I noticed, right? Baby, I notice every thing about you. And this…this thing happening to you…baby I’m getting worried”

No response.

“Is it something I did? Is there anything you’re not telling me?”

“Of course not. You didn’t do anything. You’re good babe. We’re good.”

“Are you sure? I’m getting confused. It’s like you’re pulling away from me. I can feel it.”

Looks. Then smiles.

“Is that all? A smile?”

“What else do you want me to do?”

“See what I mean?”


“Never mind.”

Angrily flips the bedding, turns to the wall.

The exposed, bare shoulder shuddered in spasms. Muffled sobs follow.

Pangs of guilt well up with traces of frustration.


“Don’t touch me!”. Snap. Curt. Loud. Doused in a jumbled broil of passion and anger.

Words ignored. Hand on shivering shoulder. Spasms subsiding.

Soft lips on shoulder.

Body perfectly still, awaiting the next stimulation.

Flipped bedding unflipped. Still no reaction.

“Baby, I’m sorry.”


“Please talk to me. Your silence is breaking my heart.”

Sniffles. More sniffles.

“I’m sorry I made you doubt my love. I care about you deeply, much more than I sometimes let on. I love you and I can’t imagine losing you.”

Silence. It would take more.

No response. No resistance either.

Neck kissed. Slight backward motion, their hips separated only by the sheer covers.

Body parts gently  throbbing.

Presses in.

The mounting pleasure is almost unbearable.

Lips locking and unlocking. Bare bosoms smeared in steamy embrace.

Pulses rising, moaning.

The bangs of conscience thumped harder.

But not tonight.

The sensations were damn too ggggooooddd.

Theirs was supposed to be a godly relationship. And it was for the first eight months.

Until one evening…that evening.

Live by Design.


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