Hey guys!

We’re finally here! Hope you had a beautiful new year’s day celebration. Mine was simply unforgettable with (I mean simple, yet unforgettable with one someone)*wink*.

There’s a fresh burst of energy in the air and the feeling is great. We love it.

The team is excited about the new year and what we’ve planned for you, our incredible audience, right guys? (Team: Yes!)

You know what?How about you guys just pop in and say hello to our readers in your own words.

Yemi OnafuyeHappy New Year dear readers! I am thankful and hopeful this year and I want you to be too. There’s much to be thankful for and the presence of life is all we need to be hopeful.

For starters, we will conclude our series – Unfinished Business. The message of this story is that we can rewrite ourselves. We can become better versions of ourselves regardless of how far down the wrong path we have gone. A New Year typically comes with that emotional willingness to change for the better, seize it!

Expect more fiction from me this year. I intend to write more about the human experience and provide blog posts you can enjoy and those that will rattle you as well. The human experience is after all both enjoyable and rattling.

Stay active this Year.  Don’t give up. Keep pushing.




NazaWow, it’s finally 2016! I know there’s been a lot of thanksgiving, personal prayers, corporate prayers, prophecies, retreats, alone moments, resolutions, decisions and all the like that comes with the new year and it’s beautiful. I hope you learn to treat each hour, day, week, and month with the same energy coursing through you now; that you don’t surrender your dreams and visions to the routine of daily life.
As the year runs by, find your alone moments and rekindle your flames, you can’t survive just on your January fire.
So have a God-filled, power-packed, beautiful year. As you look at the wide expanse of uncharted territory before you, feel free to Explore!!! Dream!!! Achieve!!!


Awesome team. Thanks guys.


Ik-Hide ImageOn Grow360 this year, expect better blogs as we bring novel angles to the real issues affecting young people every day. I’m discovering a new personal commitment to finding, exploring and sharing candid thoughts on challenges we can all relate with. Stories about how others have triumphed and how you can as well are also topmost on my mind. 2016 will be a good year for all of us. Just one word of advice- start early.


With that, Grow360 is officially open for business blogging this year! Thank you once again for reading, sharing and commenting in 2015. Let’s do it all over again; only far better this time around.


Live by Design.


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