Just for today, I’ll stand strong

Let tomorrow come and I may go wrong

Just for today, I’ll not be weak

Tomorrow may just be lurking with defeat

Just for today I’ll do right

It’s in my power to give it all my might

Just for today, I’ll let go

Forgive and forget, but maybe not tomorrow

Just for today, I’ll think pure

The next day’s thoughts are still so unsure

Just for today, I’ll run through

At the break of dawn, I may find an excuse

Just for today, I’ll beat the pain

For this, I know, is the path to gain

And when tomorrow comes with its’ stained allure

I’ll smile and say “just for today” all over again

-Ik-Hide ©2013

You don’t need to worry about how you’re going to accomplish all the goals you’ve set for 2016. Just do today. Not this week, not this month. Just today.

That’s why life is packaged in 24-hour chunks of time. Every day, you have the opportunity to start a fresh journey towards your dreams.

You’ve got a fresh one today. Seize it.

Live by Design.


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