Ever wondered why most goals are not accomplished?

Let me share a little secret– “It requires less EFFORT to be PULLED by your goals than to PUSH your goals!”

Quit chasing. Get wooed.

A guy is drawn to a lady he finds attractive, so are you lured by a goal you find attractive. There is a peculiar skill to setting goals that I have seen as the missing link between people’s desires and their reality. I found out that CHASING goals can be exhausting whereas being WOOED by your goals is ENERGIZING!

Imagine if your goals always energized you to run after them. Imagine if you could set your goals in such a way that you are constantly on fire; running in the direction of your desires. Imagine if the journey was an adventurous one; never a dull moment. Imagine if in 2016 you never lose your rhythm, you never lose your momentum and you never lose your drive!

“It requires less EFFORT to be PULLED by your goals than to PUSH your goals!”

Imagine breasting the tape, getting to the finish line and on December 31, 2016, you look back and discover that your desires have been actualized, your dreams have become real and your goals accomplished. How would you feel? Wouldn’t you want to know the secret to all these at absolutely NO COST to you?

Well here’s your chance to uncover this secret and encounter this treasure!

In this teleseminar, I will be teaching you how to set your goals in such a way that they will attract you to them! The principles which I will be sharing will instantly affect your biology and your behaviour towards the things you desire. They will inspire passion and I guarantee that practicing them will lead you to your desired destination!

On the day of the teleseminar, you will be sent the link for the online seminar. All you need is a smart device-phone, tablet, laptop and internet access. It’s audio and you can listen to the session from anywhere in the world!

I look forward to connecting with you on Sunday January 10, 2015

Bankole Williams

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We hope you can make it!

Bankole Williams

Ik-Hide’s Note:

I have been a part of previous teleseminars hosted by Mr. Williams and I can tell you for free that they are absolutely worth it. I’m so confident, I secured his express permission to share this here. Take a look.

Mr. Williams’ tweet

Three things you should do right away.

1. Don’t delay. Register at http://bankolewilliams.eventbrite.com. Use your best email address. Being an audio-only seminar, the data consumption is not that much as well (I love my data bundle as much as you…loll).

2. Set a reminder on your device. The date is Sunday, 10 January by 7pm (GMT+1). Trust me- don’t trust your memory.

3. Share this with a friend you’d like to see accomplish their goals this year. They WILL thank you for this if they make it to the teleseminar. The sharing icons are just at the end of this post.

As the tweet screenshot above shows, I contacted Bankole to have this published here, not the other way around. This is no paid advert; just the expression of my strong desire to see you make 2016 your beat year yet. Just follow the links above to register. See you after the seminar on Sunday!

Live by Design.


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