Yesterday, I had to work late and the things to do were increasing the longer we stayed back. My colleagues and I were getting tired but kept going on and on. You know how work gets when you’re exhausted- it multiplies.

I had one of those moments when I just say what comes to mind (some will say they’re not just ‘moments’ but don’t believe everything you hear).

“You know, on days like this, it’s good to be married.”

My teammate smiled. They’re sort of used to my ‘moments’ now. I continued without being asked.

“Yeah. You know, after all this stress, you just get home and there’s someone to talk to, you know…hah”

The sigh was deep.

Can we get real for a minute young person? Being single is hhhaarddd sometimes. And no, I’m not talking about dealing with sexual tension and pressure (sure there’s that but for once, keep a clean mind and don’t read between the lines). Sometimes you just need someone to talk to, to share with in a way that you wouldn’t with a parent, siblings, besties and ermm…maybe God (don’t shoot me. Why do you think Eve had to be created when Adam was already having dinner dates with God every night?)

Building a relationship on the strength of servers, network signals and battery life comes with its frustrations. I’ll admit that for free.

Having to pick up on your sweetheart’s emotions strictly by their voice tone (or worse, chat messages!) can be mentally and emotionally tasking. Sometimes, (many times), the poverty of words forces out a “kk” or “cool”; a rumbling flood of words restrained by trembling thumbs and eyes too weary from staring at a screen.

If only they could see you right now, they’d get it. There’d be no need to speak, no explanations required. Just one look and gigabytes of information will be transferred. No data connection demanded.

But this is where some of us live today. Love played a fast one on us; tugging our hearts strong after another while distance holds us in a tangling web of sweet tension. Does distance really make the heart grow fonder? Or does out of sight truly translate to out of mind?

We keep finding out each day. We understand this pain.

And we’ll never stop trying to make it all go away- one ping at a time.

Dedicated to every young person in a long distance relationship.

Your courage and strength inspires me.

Live by Design.



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