It’s so important HOW you start the day. 

Consciously regulate your first waking moments to trigger joy, gratitude, worship and praise to God.

Use a favorite praise song as your alarm tone. Songs about God’s love and the victory of the believer  are personal bests. For example,  Calvary Covers It All by Hillsong has been my alarm tone for some time now. Waking up to those lyrics is just…*inhales* righteous. Prior to that, I’ve had songs by Frank Edwards, Marvin Sapp and Tye Tribett as the first sounds I hear in the morning (picture waking up to Tye screaming “I just wanna tell you what I think about you!!! Yo-op” in You Are Everything).

Sometimes, you’ll wake up with a specific song playing in your mind. Pay attention to the words; your spirit may be articulating matters your mind knows nothing about. Run with those words.

Leap out of bed with a shout of  “Halleluyah!”. I’m serious. I heard Smith Wigglesworth practiced this as well so I’m in good company. I’ll tell you for free. This is one of my personal favorites! I’m instantly fired up EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve done this simple exercise. Try it tomorrow morning and let me know how it goes.

Enter the day from a position of triumph, not with a let’s-see-what-the-day-holds attitude. And of course, don’t forget to pray for others too.

A beautiful, victorious day, filled with God’s strength working in your favour awaits.Expect it. Go experience it.

Have a brilliant day!

Live by Design.



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    1. Recommend? And I thought I was just sharing my practice. Wow, I’m humbled Temmy.
      Don’t forget to try the Smith Wigglesworth exercise too. It’s bye-bye to drab dawns, hello motivated mornings!


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