I had a brief experience yesterday and it re-taught (is that even a word?) me a lesson.

So there’s this payment I’ve been trying to make to the statutory account of one of the government agencies and it’s been a frustrating process. First, I tried to pay online (they claimed that was possible) but the website was broken. I sent an email to let them know about the webiste issues and the alternative links I received only led back to the same problematic page.

So I decided to go old school and pay at a banking hall. Next challenge- the platform was notoriously slow and the bankers struggled with it. Yes I said bankers because I paid multiple visits to different banks to get it done. Other payment transactions were flying through the servers but this particular platform just wouldn’t work.

At a point, I thought about writing to the head of the agency (found his official contacts on social media) to let him know just how inefficient their IT channels were (like he reads his messages himself). It was just tiring.

Until yesterday.

I was invited for an event and while searching for the venue (which I discovered I’d earlier gone past), my attention was drawn to the branch of a particular bank just opposite the hotel. In all honesty, I wouldn’t rate this bank as fantastic so when I heard “Enter that bank and make that payment” in my heart, I hesitated. Besides, I was already running late.

Thankfully I did go in. First, there was no queue (that figures). Next, my transaction was executed without the drama  I’d experienced in the past.

Just one simple incident yesterday.

Two major reminders for me.

1. That God’s love reaches into the so-called ‘regular’ matters in our lives. Everything about us interests Him; including the trivial fact that I was already tired of the frustrating process.

2. And that as long as I stay obedient to the guidance of His Spirit, I can find answers in the least likely places.

You may be going through ‘stuff’ you wonder if you should even ‘bother’ God about it. Guess what? He is concerned. He is interested in every bit of your life. There’s nothing like your ‘spiritual life’ separate from other aspects of your existence in God’s eyes. He sees one wholesome package – your life. And in every facet, He wants you to experience His love and power working for you, in you and through you for joyful living every day.

So was this a spectacular episode? Maybe not. But as far as I know, between that hotel and the bank yesterday, a supernatural whisper of love and care passed from heaven to earth.

And it was much needed. Boy, was it needed.

Live by Design.


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